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The cost of a broken Team Arena

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The cost of a broken Team Arena Reply:1| View:688

        I figured I would calculate the total loss incurred by Team Arena being broken. The numbers of dragon-crests are not cast in stone, so they will likely be a little different for different people. I am level 82 and usually the team-leader of my TA team, so I am calculating based on that. Lower level players and non-leaders will have *slightly* lower numbers.

                                Reward                                                        Total                       
                                Win a match                                                        8 * 10                                                        80                       
                                Lose a match                                                        5 * 10                                                        50                       
                                All-around-talent (fight 5 matches)
                                30                                                        30                       
                                Omnipotence (fight 6 matches)                                                        50                                                        50                       
                                Arena Rage (mode 1 - fight 5, 6, 8, and 10 matches)                                                         30+50+90+140                                                        310                       
                                Arena Rage (mode 2 - fight 5, 6, and 8 matches)
                                Total dragon-crests                                                        50+30+50+0 - 80+30+50+310                                                        180 - 470                       

        In addition to losing 180-470 dragon-crests when TA does not work, for some reason the day AFTER TA is broken, we end up with 0 attempts which costs us dragon-crests all over again for a second day. Therefore, we are left with a mere 30 dragon-crests for doing 10 solo Arena battles over 2 days!

        This means that if TA is broken on an Arena Rage day (which apparently it always is), then we lose almost 1,000 dragon-crests! (Plus, you miss out on a bunch of Prestige, but unlike dragon-crests, Prestige is useless after you reach Demi God rank anyway, so it doesn’t really matter as much later in the game.)

        Now I’ll admit that (sometimes) they give a few hundred crests as compensation, but that does not help. For one thing, even if they give 200 or 300 crests, we have still lost 500-700 crests because of a single incident. In addition, because they give the compensation to *everybody*, anyone who kept trying to do TA even though it wasn’t working may have gotten lucky and wasted all 10 of their attempts and managed to collect the Hot Event rewards and will still get the compensation anyway. They will have lost the 50-80 crests from winning/losing a match, but they got the other 260-390 crests from the events and yet they also get the two or three hundred crests from the compensation. Meanwhile, other players who have experienced broken TA many times before will probably have stopped doing it as soon as they saw it was broken and saved their attempts for the evening TA in hopes of it being fixed by then, but then discovered that unlike the morning broken TA, the evening broken TA does not deduct attempts, so they end up with 9/10 attempts at the end of the day and cannot collect any crests that day. So they end up getting only a couple of hundred crests compensation for 2 days of broken TA, while some players end up with 1,000+ crests for them same 2 days.

        I don’t expect the devs to bother fixing this, or the producers to bother compensating correctly or anything. Instead, I simply leave you with this bit of advice for the next time that TA is broken: Any time you do morning TA and notice that TA is broken, do NOT save your attempts for the evening TA. At best, that will only get you an extra 80 dragon-crests. At worse, it will prevent you from being able to collect the Hot Event rewards, and cost you up to 390 crests. Even worse, it will result in having 0 attempts the next day (for some reason), so you could be out as much as 780 crests over two days. Use up ALL 10 of your TA attempts immediately while you can. It may be a waste of 80 crests, but you will still get the 390-780 from the events, PLUS any more they give as compensation.

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