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So long, and thanks for all the bugs

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So long, and thanks for all the bugs Reply:1| View:425

        I have been playing this game for quite a while (currently 8 months and 3 days). It was sort of fun at the beginning and obviously very addictive. I had no intention of playing this long when I started; I thought I would just play for a few minutes to see what it was like (to see if it was any different from the other MMORPGs I’ve tried), and then quit. Because of that, I did not bother coming up with a good name and simply typed a bunch of random letter just to get in. However, since the game was amusing and addictive, I kept playing with what was essentially a temp account, but I was enjoying it, so I didn’t mind.

        Unfortunately, after a couple of months, the game started getting boring and repetitive. It became too time-consuming (by design), and I got tired of spending/wasting so much time on this game. All of the extra parts that get added are just copy-paste of the same old stuff, and merely means more time being wasted. The problem was that the game is specifically designed to be addictive and time-consuming, so it is too hard to quit playing.

        I kept setting milestones for when I would quit. I thought I would quit as soon as I get a mount, cloths, and wings. I thought making top-10 in CoM would be a good time. I tried using BR as a measure, deciding to quit when I hit 750K, then 1M, then 2M. Trying out every part of the game seemed like a good finish-line, so I waited until I got married, but that didn’t work either, I kept playing after that. My last milestone was to quit after 12 months had passed so that I would experience all of the seasonal events, but that seems pointless because all of the events are just copy-paste of previous events, so there’s really nothing new.

        Thankfully the myriad cornucopia, panoply, and plethora of bugs and poor design choices in the game have made quitting much easier. At this point, the game is so full of bugs and so aggravating that it is too difficult to justify wasting any more time in. The game causes so much stress, anxiety, and anger now that it is flat-out unhealthy to play anymore; quitting is good for our health. I see this as being the same as bad TV. It is hard to quit watching shows if you’ve been watching them for several seasons, but if they are really, really bad, it makes it a lot easier.

        The only part of this game that I have not tried yet is a guild feast, but my server is dead now, with only 14 active players anymore (mostly free players), so a guild feast is out of the question. So, I guess I can be done with this game once and for all; there is really no reason to continue.

        So thank you for making the game so broken and horrible. It makes is much easier to stop playing. I look forward to getting lots and lots of time back.


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