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Just another “how I win my Zodiac battles with minimum battle rating”

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Just another “how I win my Zodiac battles with m Reply:1| View:2296

        Hello there, I am zelucelom otherwise known as Manapausefrom S1 Loralei and welcome to another edition of how I win my zodiac battleswith minimum battle rating.

        if you want to win zodiac battles with minimum battlerating, you’ll need the formula 2(O+C+D). No we’re not talking aboutobsessive-compulsive disorder here, or maybe we are.

        1) O for Observe
        The first thing you need to do is to observe the zodiacbattle (especially if it’s the zodiac boss battle). Usually in a zodiac, thereare two trash mob groups followed by the boss battle. Observing the battle is agood way to start things off if you would like to win zodiac battles. You don’treally need to touch anything with regards to your party for now, just observethe battle. Observation will give you several good insights such as thepositioning of the enemy or how feasible it is for you to beat the zodiac boss.The positioning of the enemy will give you a good idea of what skill to use foryour main. Sometimes it’s much better to use the area of effect skill (AoE) or othertimes a single hitting spell will probably give you a better result. If youtried a zodiac boss battle and you have not even killed a single enemy mob,then it might be safe to say that you’ll need to try again a bit later when youget stronger (upgrade your mount, gems, heroes, emblems or what not).   

        Another O for Order
        After observing the battle, it will be the perfect time toplay around with the order of your party. By order, I meant the formation ofthe party. You can basically throw away the norms and do whatever you think isnecessary to improve the result of the battle based on your observation. An exampleof reordering your party can be found below.


        As you can see in the example, I am a mage, but I placed mymain in front which is usually deemed suicidal.

        Changing the order of your party can really make a differencein how the zodiac battle will unfold.  Sometimes it will be beneficial to put yourhealer in front, other times I’ve tried putting my tanks in the back row and itmade all the difference. I am pretty sure there’s no single form that will bebest for zodiac battles so it’s pretty much up to you to figure out what formworks best (you don’t even need to use the buff slots of your angel).

        2) C for Check or Compare
        After making changes to your formation, you can try to checkor compare again with another battle and see the results. Usually if you havechanged to a “better” formation, you’ll see a significant change such as beingable to kill another mob in the enemy form or getting another chance to use anangel rage attack. If you’re still having a tough time, worry not, the next Cwill totally help out with that.

        Another C for Cancer
        Use Cancer zodiac. Having a chance to stun multiple enemiesfor two turns is simply a god-send. Don’t belittle that 23% chance to stun (26%or 29% for others) as I once did a four enemy stun in a zodiac battle whichclearly gave me the upper hand. Stunning enemies will allow you to receive lessdamage, and allow your party to survive longer (especially against pretty toughzodiac bosses like the ones found in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius). I’d saycancer would probably be the best for zodiac (if it does not proc though, don’tblame me!).

        3) D for Determination
        Zodiac boss battles are not just a test of your strategy orbattle rating because it’s usually a test of your determination or will power aswell. There are times where the RNG (random number generator) is against you andit will result in things like Cancer not activating even after several roundsor even several angel attacks within the same battle, missing all of yourattacks in the first turn or getting all critical hits from the enemies. I alsorecall the time where one of the mobs in Virgo kept surviving by like 1% healthor dodging the last attack. Eventually after about thirty attempts of changingnothing, it finally gave up and died. If you think the battle is close and iswinnable, be determined to keep trying until you win. Don’t give up to easilyafter one or two failed attempts (unless it’s totally way out of your league).

        Another D for Dodge
        If there’s one thing that I’ve noticed from Zodiac enemies(aside from being very over leveled), is that these mobs or bosses dodge a helllot. They dodge everything from normal attacks, skills and even my angel attack.As the saying goes “to know your enemy, you must become your enemy”, stack yourparty with dodge (especially those you plan to put in the front row), and belike the zodiac mobs! You’ll be surprised that it actually works very well againstthem because they seem to have a poor hit rate and as such miss often. Dodgingattacks will help you survive longer and allow you to use your angel attacks andproc Cancer more, as such it will help you enormously to win.

        Final words:
        Remember IRL (in real life) PTHF. Persevere, try and havefaith and you can succeed.

        But since this is the internet… Praise the Helix Fossil! andyou will succeed.


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