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Suggestion For Guantlet Times

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Suggestion For Guantlet Times Reply:1| View:241
        Dear GTA,

        The game has been out of Beta for a little over 1 year now. As the game currently hosts high level competitive players, it\'s nice that you have given new playersaccess tomore advanced gear earlier on to help level the playing field, although as a long-time player who had to wait a long, long, long time just for the first Genisis mail it makes mesortajealous lol. ;Anyways, I want to bring you a suggestion on how you can help improve this further and it has to do with Gauntlet times. As you well know, this is a game of trial and error and for many (I think) most mistakes are made early on like Choosing The Right Server. As there is no guide ahead of time that really lets players in on what to expect,alot;of players like myself pickthier;first server based on the hot servers or just because the name is cool. ;Whatever the reason for that choice, you have players from the Pacific in US West & East, US & Euro players in Oceanic, so on and so fourth. I know I picked my first because it was on the hot servers page. ;I chose a US West Server and live in the US Central time zone. ;Now here\'s thedelima. ;Any good player knows Gold is pretty much just as precious as the coveted diamonds.Sure youcan\'t qualify for events with Goldneccisarily,but if you when the Voidmail forexample anddon\'t have the gold to upgrade,yourstuck waiting and waiting and waiting unless you can perform in Guantlet, an every other day event that rewards hoards of Gold. ;Most new players don\'t really realize how important Gauntlet is. I\'ll tell you as a high level player currently in top 50 US West, if I miss a Gauntlet (which I do often) Iwannasmash something because you really do need that gold. ;@ 11-15 or 17-20 million to upgrade a piece of gear 1 level. ;It\'s crucial you compete in Guantlet. ;In my case (I think similar to many others) Gauntlet doesn\'t run until 12:30 - 1:00 a.m.mytime becauseagain there\'sa significant;lag in time zones, which I wasn\'t knowledgeable;enough in the beginning to understand. ;With players from all over the world stuck in different time zones, there is a simple solution that would allow much more flexibility for players Free and Paying to participate in this crucial event. ;

        The Solution: Allow the Guild Leaders to set pre-determined times for Guantlet. ;This would be identical to the way the Demonic War is done in Asgard Alliance\'s. In Demonic War the Alliance leader talks with their;team to determine the time where most players are able to participate. ;Why not allow this for Guantlet. ;It\'s a simple solution that has many, many benefits;and no downside. ;I know I would be extremely satisfied with being able to have a choice to some extent when we run this event on the event days. For me it would mean no more setting an alarm after two - three hours of sleep to wake up for 30 minutes with the plan of going back to sleep only to find your 30 minutes away from thereset.;

        This would benefit all parties and help strengthen the game as a whole. Players would have more flexibility, choice, and resources to help supportthe highlevel gear being offered. ;Most importantly, it would increase overall gameparticipation whichis good for the game, players, guilds, individual servers, and cross-server as a whole. It would be a great incentive to attract more competition to the game which is the ultimate goal. I read a statement in the announcement of Fire Raiders from a production manager who spoke about tailoring this version of the game differently to more casual players as it\'s a different environment than the Chinese version, which is supposed to be more competitive. I\'m here to tell you, that\'s not the case. ;The game has simply existed for less time in our corner of theworld butthe western and pacific gamers are just as fiercely competitive if not more so. ;However, the biggest thing we demandfromour games is choice and opportunity. Why not provide this to your target audience and improve your game as a whole? ;I\'d imagine some template for the code already exists in demonic war. I can\'t imagine the integration intoguantlet;would be too difficult to deploy.;

        Ultimately, we should let the players decide, but now at least, the idea is out here. What do the fellow players think? ;Leave Gauntlet the way it is, or allow Guilds to choose their Guantlettimes?
        IGN: WallStArtist
        Server: Amuet S505

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