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"Diamond are Forever" Event Server

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tenshi samshel
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"Diamond are Forever" Event Server Reply:1| View:709
(There will be a summary at the bottom, for those who have tl/dr issues )

For starters, let me say that this is quite a good game - certainly compared to others like it. Even if there are still bugs to be fixed and systems to be expanded upon, the game is pretty solid.
However, I do note one major problem with it. One of the major purposes of a game is competition - and much more so for an (M)MO. Players want to beat each other, and most players wish to do so by being the better player. And therein lies a problem.

As it is, the top ranks have relatively little to do with skill, and mostly with how much real money is spent. This in itself of course is part of the game model, I understand that. However, there may be viable alternatives worth trying out.

The Problem:
Despite the quality, lots of players seem to grow bored. Even among the highest levels, even big spenders. I think the main problem is the lack of real challenge. The top player has no one who has even a hope of defeating him; those below can only hope he grows bored and quits, otherwise they are stuck. They in turn cannot be beaten by those who only bought wings, and those again have little challenge from the f2p\'ers.
Combined with this may be an opportunity. Games like these have loads of free players. Part of them simply do not want to spend money at all, of course. But there are also many who simply don\'t see it as worth it. Spending 50 bucks for basic items and then 15 bucks a month for other stuff is pretty much the price of the best MMOs on the market. Spending that just to progress a few spots (with still no hope of a top ranking)... I think most players by far realize that\'s not a very good deal.

The Proposal:
I would propose this for consideration: a special server with a different payment model. On this server, gems cannot be bought. Instead (one way or another) you pay a flat fee - I\'d say 5-10 bucks a month or so - and in return get a daily allowance of diamonds. I\'d propose 500-1000 a day. It may take some tweaking in certain events, but that should be easy enough to work out I think.

Why - from a player\'s perspective?
In such a system, all players have equal opportunity. How well you do will be decided by how much effort you take... and by how efficient you are with your resources. If a player beats you, it is because he is a better player - not because he spent more money. This leaves us a real challenge, and a real chance. Thus players have a motivation to keep playing (progress is mainly based on their effort), and many opportunities to enjoy the game and feel proud. It also means players will not be able to buy their way to the top - any player who gets that far, knows how to play the game.
More so, the many players who don\'t like forking over the price of a retail game for a few buffs in a browser game, might well find such a server fun enough to skip a happy meal for .
A final advantage is that it\'s a major game changer - essentially creating a very different game mode. Offering such variety can easily attract another group of players.

Why - from the publisher\'s perspective?
It\'s hard to predict how many players would be interested, but given the number of servers I would think those who\'d like this challenge could well fill a server. Those who don\'t want to pay, have no reason to go there. As a result, the idea is that instead of having a few players who (hopefully) keep paying enough to maintain the server, you get all players to chip in a few bucks - which of course adds up.
In essence it is the monthly fee principle. You may not get to catch some big fish, but all the little ones can give a steady and reliable income.
With relatively small servers, it might well be easy to do a single-server experiment for this. If there\'s enough demand, more such servers can be opened as required.

Proposed mechanism:
While the VIP system could be used, I\'ve heard many players complain about it. Personally I dislike any system that will keep draining money until I cancel it - especially when, to be frank, there are still bugs involved and customer service isn\'t always easy to get a hold of. So I\'d suggest using the one-time payment system, in a way where for this server you can only pay those 5 bucks (or whichever price is set), which instead of diamonds just gives a month of membership. Slightly more work to create, but I expect it shouldn\'t be too much trouble as most of the system already exists.
I propose 500-1000 diamonds daily, based on current pricing. This will allow players to save up for significant purchases over a matter of days (such as clothes/wings), or alternatively, use several small boosts. As such, you will see clear progress, while still making it a tough choice what to spend your limited supply on.

- As good as the game is, there is a lack of real challenge due to real cash being too decisive in the rankings.
- Proposal: create a new server based on a monthly fee principle, without the option of diamond purchases.
- Membership would cost 5-10 bucks a month, and give 500-1000 diamonds a day. Such amounts seem to me as being rewarding enough for major interest.
- From a player\'s perspective, this will give a challenging, level playing field, and a new game mode where your skill really pays off
- From the publisher\'s perspective, it should create a server with stable income, and hopefully convince many players that paying for the game can be well worth it!
- None of this needs to seriously impact existing servers. I expect big spenders will stay there, as will dedicated f2p\'ers - both benefit more there. The main interest is for those who currently don\'t spend, but would gladly give a few bucks for a good competition.

Any additions, improvements and suggestions are most welcome!

 tenshi samshel Last edit in 2014-3-2 03:03:46


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