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Lucky Strike suggestions.

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Lucky Strike suggestions. Reply:2| View:426

        Ok here is some suggestions about Lucky strike.

        -Allow free tries on the Lucky strike without spending any voucher
        Lets say 2 tries for non vip, 3 tries for vip 1-5 , 4 tries for vip 6-7 , 5 tries for vip 8 and 10 tries for vip 9-10. * values can change depending to dev\'s and ofc vip lvls is only a suggestion for it, it can also be 2 tries for non vip and 3 for vip and thats it.*

        -Allow seals to be bought for luck badges. 3 Luck badge = 1 seal crystal

        -Spinning spree: With spinning spree you earn additional Luck badge.
        To get spinning spree players will have to spin 5 times in row. And for each spinning spree they will get badge of luck depending on how many spinnings they have done.

        -Lower rank spree: By spending 1m silver player can enter another type of lucky spin that will NOT count towards ranking but instead it will allow them to earn some rewards for a limited tries. *2-3* Rewards will be of lower value such as 1 int , 3 variation dust , 1 stardust x10 , 1 seal , lvl 3 gem etc , 1 lucky card .... etc...

        -Lucky cards and Vouchers from daily goal\'s..
        Well the purpose of this event is not to have something such as *kill 3 orange minion on hell and you get a voucher* but something like daily goal
        Daily Goal 1: Plunder 5 cargos , kill 15 blues on hell portal , do 20 times battle at battle shrine, Escort 5 times, Do 2 Maze, Attempt 3 csa * not win or loose*, do beast melee x5 times. Once all criteria are fulfilled then player is reward with 5 lucky cards and 1 voucher.
        Daily Goal 2(hard): Win 3 Csa, Plunder a higher quality cargo than white, be online for more than 5 hours, train for 7 hours, kill 15 purple minions, Win 3 times on beast melee, Pass 2 times maze with points above 700, Stalion score of 350 plus with 20 or less attempts. Once all criteria are fulfilled then player is rewarded with 10 lucky cards and 2 vouchers.
        Daily Goal 3 (Legendary): Win 4 times Csa, Plunder 5 times a higher quality cargo than white, Stallion score of 400 plus with 15 or less attempts, kill 10 blue 10 purple and 5 orange minions, Win 5 times on beast melee , Pass a maze with 825 score or above, do 5 escort of green quality and above, Do 3 times city defense. Once all criteria are fulfilled then player is rewarded with 15 lucky cards and 3 vouchers.
        *All the values can be changed depending on the devs*

        - World boss various rewards.
        A) After Dealing 5% damage to the boss player will receive a lucky card *Only once and not if he deals more than that*
        B) Attempting the boss give an additional lucky card.
        C) Killing the boss reward all players that took part on it with a voucher.
        D) Killing strike on the boss will reward the player with lucky card.

        Thats it for now


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Lucky Strike suggestions.

         (You remind of Judgment due to his habit of writing a Wall of text post)
        #1- Been suggested before. Might bump this again to Jelly
        #2- Hmm nice but we can avail them now through Expedition
        #3- there\'s actually a spinning streak already found in the events tab (reward depends on the main feature in LS)Might not be possible they can make a separate streak where Lucky cards drops as it\'ll make you benefit from both events tab rewards and drops from spinning
        #4- a mini game of some sort. Interesting
        #5 - We have Duties and Rewards (couldt recall if there was during LS)
        #6 - can be possible by putting it in the events tab(Duties and Rewards for example)

        Have logged your suggestio. Thank you for sharing.
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