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CSA suggestion to make everyone play fair and square.

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CSA suggestion to make everyone play fair and sq Reply:2| View:414
        This is a simple suggestion to BALANCE this csa.
        Personally i dont care how csa is but anyways here i will give some suggestion about it.

        When people queue for CSA they queue with the mind that they want balance teams or lets say with that hope.
        So to create a more viable environment for all newbies / pro\'s that want to play a *fair csa* without the need of balancing the csa for queue times.
        How about this:

        - Make a second option of queue for CSA that will allow players to Join csa on a PREFFIX battle. What i mean preffix. Well simple instead of players having way overpowered heroes beast lvls etc. Players that choose this option will have their heroes and beast and lvls and talents preffixed as well as promotion.
        A simple example of Preffix battle will be depending on your class you will get the best heroes that you can use. For example lets say you are a spiritus and you choose this option then You should choose between 3 options that will help you determine what heroes you get . If it is damage or tanking or having endurance etc.

        So lets say people complain for going 2m vs 200k hp people on csa yeah? When they queue with this system everyone became equal on lvls br and heroes.
        Ofc you will tell me that everyone having the same hero will be boring right? So here where the gear /goddess / skills / talents will come to play. Its not a complete balance but this way players will be somehow balanced * And ofc since you will play something like a temporary hero all rewards will transfer to your main.
        This way people will have more fun playing on csa. Buff will play also a better role as they can determine the outcome of the battle.
        * Everything can be change before people start posting that goddess may be too much overpower or promotion etc will make the battles unfair or what so ever. My suggestion is for devs to make this option so everyone can be equal on the csa*

        - Increase the reward from this option so they make even veteran players play on it. Ofc this is a CON on veterans since they work their butts off to gain all the heroes etc however as i mention before this is a *second option to queue on csa*.
        Anyways for the increase reward for veterans it will be a system where a player that join the battle , lets say 1m br -2m br etc, and ofc meet the requirements for it then at the end of the battle depending of the br he has he will get random rewards that can variate from , Variation dust , int potion , Upgrade materials for goddess etc.... The higher the br the more random rewards the player will get . ( Ofc this will be up to devs).
        I will give an example
        Player X join the CSA with 1m BR. Then he will get rewards rank 1 which will be a random item of the first value.
        Player Y join the CSA with 2m BR. Then he will get double the rewards of rank 1 or get 2 different rewards from it. So if Player X get a variation dust then player Y will get a variation dust plus lets say Int potion.
        And so on....

        -Blessing of god (aka Halo): Since players are pretty much equals there shouldnt be any need for this. But in case someone someone dies too offen etc then this spell should make everyone in the party having 50% extra stats in everything instead of giving them 999999999 hp and attack. * This is ofc only if the above option gets implement in game*

        - Killing Boss ( Athena or future bosses). Both teams get rewarded with 3 stamps with the exception of that the team that killed the boss will gain a 50% additional Ore income.;* This is ofc only if the above option gets implement in game*

        - Player Killing. Ok on the normal csa player killing only award points to the player and if he/she get a killing streak then she gain an additional % of ore collecting..
        However for the people that choose to fight on a preffix csa this will have a total different effect. Killing a player will reward * bounty* on the team so the csa can be more of an attractive area were pvp happens instead of looking for pve were players are only forced to kill boss or gather ore to win the game. Now with this players will no longer gain additional ore but they will gain bounty for their team to increase the score for win.

        - Buffs: For the preffix battle of csa we will encounter new buffs.
        Hp buff * same icon as the 10% hp buff* = Complete heal of your heroes and characters.
        Damage buff = Increase your total damage by 25%
        Defense buff = Decrease damage taken to your party by 15%
        Utility buff (1) = Increase the ore collection speed by 50% as increasing the amount yield from it by 20% for 15 seconds * This buff only applies if you succesfully deliver the main crystal*
        Utility buff (2) = Increase damage against the boss for every 1k ore your team has by 20 % * Values can be changed*
        Utility buff (3) = Evade the first attacking skill against your character * This doesnt work on bosses ultimate* To gain this buff i have thing of it of some ways to apply.
        A) After ressurection player get this buff for 5-10 second * The most logic one*
        B) After player receive a buff he/she also gain this buff * Not fond of this idea even thought its mine LoL*
        C) After there is a gap between enemy player team and your team. Lets say 1.5k difference will auto-trigger. Thus giving a fighting chance for the enemy team to come back
        * Ofc all the above buffs i just mention is suggestion and not everything should be implement*.

        Thats it for now folks . Let me know if you like them or even if you want to support this post. I will post more ideas if people like this.


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CSA suggestion to make everyone play fair and square.

        TL;DR  - In short pre-built set ups for your character, correct?
Seen this in some MMO\'s that lowbies has the chance to fight fair with longer experiences/higher levels.
        I like the way you define Balance here
        Anyhow have logged your Suggestion. Thank you for sharing
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