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Tarot errors and needed corrections

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Tarot errors and needed corrections Reply:1| View:450

        First of all, the real reason for two months of downtime for Tarot, which delayed all players from reaching their point goals for that entire time, was to revise the event so that it takes 2 to 3 times longer for a player to claim their high end point reward goals, such as the mythic weapon, helm or other wanted expensive items.
        Average scores have fallen sharply in the new version, from 3900 to 4400, in my own experience, to 1900 to 2100 range.
        Secondly, there are at least two known errors I\'ve seen and been defeated by that are either typos or intentional game killers.
        The first error: a movement card requirement to place a 4 of HEARTS in the card slot when there are NO hearts cards, period, in this version of the game. This was not a misreading on my part. I read the requirement statement 3 times, before 20+ seconds remaining time ran out, and searched for any such suit icon on any of the completely flipped cards. No such card existed on that hand because there is no such hearts card. Ergo: a wrongful defeat.
        The second error: one card movement requirement called for a 4 [any suit] when there were no 4\'s in that hand with all cards already flipped. No possible way to complete that hand, with over 30 seconds remaining, so just another defeat. No compensation for any such errors, either.
        Third error: it\'s a complete lie, the time remaining, because at 2 seconds remaining, all card flips or movement is disallowed!
         Fourth correction needed item: there is an inherent stickiness involved in all cursor pick up and move items requirements that cannot, apparently be fixed. It is frustrating enough in Dragonsoul movement that it discourages players from wanting to do Dragonsouls daily, as it\'s very time consuming, in a task that already consumes more time than any other single daily event in the game, including the second biggest time consuming daily event, Dark Abyss.
        In Tarot, the card you are trying to move sometimes won\'t pick up, sometimes won\'t stay where you attempt to place it [or both], and has to be moved several times before it actually is accepted by the box requiring it, even when it is the exact right card called for. The amount of stress the insufficient time allowed to do the card movements is so great that it\'s a health hazard for some players, especially senior citizens, to attempt Tarot task. The original version of Tarot, on the other hand, gave everybody a chance to improve their memory retention, by daily practice and increasingly larger hand layouts to attempt. Now the hands never reach more than about 16 to 18 cards before the game ends, so that memory and concentration practice has disappeared, replaced by a very stressful time requirement that is far worse than the original one, since no card movement, only flipping, was required originally.
        Suggestions: 1] Fix the typos requiring card types that are not available in the hand being dealt.
        2] Correct the time allowed freeze at the 2 second remaining point to be the actual 2 seconds remaining.
        3] Add 20 seconds to every layout hand to eliminate the stress and let the player accurately read the requirements, search for the card type required, then move it to the box and drop it. Anything less than about 20 seconds is just too little to avoid the stress the movement problems cause, which for some players [especially senior citizens] is just too great presently to allow them to comfortable engage in this event on a daily basis. We don\'t need anybody keeling over with a heart attack because of this stress, nor causing them other health related problems.

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