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Overall Suggestions

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Overall Suggestions Reply:1| View:274

        Knights Fable Suggestions
        After playing for 3 months and looking at other threads Ihave some suggestions not all of these ideas are mine some of them are fromother threads I saw that I am adding more to IGN Cherryx Server 229
1.    New Red heroes should have new red titles orjust red titles in general but the old heroes like Apollo/hermes and others canstill get
a.    New heroes should be released for free playersthat are decent
b.    You should have a shop to buy hero skills/titlesso it is not completely up the RNG God that you get the title/skill you want
i.     Pricesshould be Reasonable
c.     Also the same as above for the fate skill
d.    Offer more heroes for CSA instead of Sigurd samefor the stamper shop I think it is time to update the shop with more heroes forstampers even if they cost more
e.    The months should give you different hero shardsinstead of just Gus this allows players especially free players who are loyalto the game to get other heroes Hermes/Poseidon/Athena or other mid rangeheroes should be given
2.    With the Advent of the Goddesses and EXP is usedfor something besides leveling I think that you should either increase theoverall EXP gain or lower how much it requires to level the Godde
a.    The Goddess Seals should be either stacked orhave its own separate bag like astral
b.    The Goddesses should have other skills that youcan choose from like the mount instead of a fix skill and this should not belimited to just the legendary or ultimate Godde
c.     Gem bags/equipment chest should have a use allfunction
d.    Gems should either stack or also be put into adifferent bag like Goddess Seal
e.    Honestly even the synthing UI needs to beoverhauled instead of a click and drag it should show you which gems/hero/stuffthat you want
3.    Beasts are a main part of the game but a lot ofthe beast feel really crappy
a.    Add more middle line beast between that are notas good as the unholy blood wolf astral tiger or viper lord
b.    Pretty much everyone runs the same beast in CSAand the PVE content because of the limits of transformation and the lack ofgood beast that are free
c.     Also because people at higher level have bout 3beast I think that a few new beast will help gap that for free players becausethe nether tortoise and other beast in that tier can only go up to bout 2(besides Siren)
i.     Thiscould be done through CSA shop or expedition shop as mentioned above
ii.     Kumihoreally is not a good beast ): and it replaced Dracomere one of the best beastin the game in Monopoly when it came out
4.    I think some of the events should be morerewarding and also the dailies should feel more fun then a tedious chore
a.    Maze fits this because I am not sure howeveryone feels about it but I personally hate maze so maze should be simpler orjust feel more rewarding
i.     Thiscould be the same for giving rose
ii.     Samefor World Boss and Secret Arena World Boss/Secret Arena Boss has too little HPand the cap for the EXP for world boss is around 10% I believe
5.    I think there needs to be new dream sets Level70 or just a Level 80 set
a.    The lower level sets like the level 60 should beeasier to get because a lot of people can get to level 70~ in 3 month
b.    I mean the people who made the set are probablysitting on their magic crystals from hell portal
6.    I like the events that allow people to worktogether like this red sword event
a.    These event feels more rewarding and it ishelping everyone out only downside is when the server is dead
7.    I think gold can be earned through surveys orwatching advertisement
a.    This allows people who live in countries wherethe exchange rate to USD is high to play this game and spend too and this alsogives the company money
b.    I think there should be payment plans likeinvest 1000 gold now play for a month and get 2000 gold back and each day allowthem to collect the gold in small amount
c.     I do like that the game does give gold for foruminput I think that’s nice of KF and Gold for logging in on certain day
8.    I think Alliance should have passive stat boostskills you can buy
a.    Like +500matck for 2000 contribution and it canbe leveled up at level 2 it could be 1000 matck
i.     Thesepassive stat boost skills can be for your heroes and character
b.    I think Alliance leader of the best guild shouldget a weekly mount or title that expires when alliance war for that castlehappen or each castle should get a unique mount or title
9.    Should be a blitz for Absolution tower 3attempts is a lot and if you make it pass level 5 or 6 each time it can betediou
10. Thereshould be more titles besides the rose ranking titles that are free
a.    These titles could be #1-10 BR in Server #1-10Beast Ranking/Hero Ranking #1-10 BS ranking and others there are too littletitles right now and most of them are pay to have them (they don’t need to adda tremendous amount of stats or anything just would be nice to be able tochange them for looks)
11. ForCST I think there should be a point shop based on your wins (I’m not sure howthe rewards will work for CST
a.    Like every win gives you 10 points and thosepoints can be used to trade for items in the shop
b.    Also CST should let you fight more then once andthe people with the most wins out of 10 will keep moving forward
i.     Tocounter people fight the same people all the time like someone who is level 81fights HieHie or others who are stronger all 10 rounds would be unfair theyshould keep it to where you can’t fight the same person twice for 5 round
c.     It would be cool if we can place bets usingeither gold or the points we won from CST to bet on the people who will place1-3 and from there we can get more points if we guess correctly
12. PleaseFix the battle lag I can’t tell if it is a memory leak or just pooroptimization of the game
13.  Last thing isI am a VIP 8 almost 9 player and I just think that events should appeal to freeplayers too and donating players also because without people whether theydonate or not we would not have a game
a.    Also pleaseexcuse any grammatical error and not all suggestions are realistic and noteveryone one will agree so please don’t flame the idea

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