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GUI needs work

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GUI needs work Reply:1| View:383
        This game has a great many internal windows and multiple instances of the same function over and over. And yet there is absolutely NO consistency between the different interfaces.

        1) The first button in Guild feast is a BLUE button for quick join existing feast .... yet in team arena, inferno, team dungeon etc. the first BLUE button, in exactly the same place is for creating a team NOT joining 1. Either change the colour of the button in the feast window, swap the order of the buttons in the guild feast window so create is in the same place in all cases, shift the positioning of the buttons in guild feast so they are not associated, etc.
        *) The number of times that I create a td team, etc by clicking on the blue \'join\' button is vry aggravating.

        2) Implement the yellow limitted purchase text in all purchase dialogues and the max button stopping at the limit. (It is not currently used in the arena shop etc.)

        3) Add an indicator to critical windows while data is still loading (You don\'t have to grey out the window and block input) so people know when the information they are being showed is updated (like when swapping from enchanting weapon to enchanting ring) to prevent ppl from thinking the globe is fuller than it truely is (All you need add is 3 cycling dots, for example)

        4) There are all of a sudden many hot events with \'consume\' resources for a reward (not a criticism, I like it) but you have to add an amount dialogue window to hero training and mount training (like the rune dialogue) so ppl CAN consume 2000 soulstone, without needing to click 200 times (Or consuming 3000 or more by using one-click). If you want to leave the ability for clicks to perform a single consume without the dialogue, make the dialogue appear if people click and hold the mouse button. Please also add a click-and-hold dialogue on the blessed stone and seraph stone one-click button where you can set the maximum consume amount.

        5) Keep the VIP details window updated with all improvements (it doesnt show the increased beer toasts and honour shop spend limit for example)
        6) Keep the astral window updated with all the improvements (The stable is not shown on astral, the Pet upgrade isnt shown on astral, unbreakable bond, elemental zone, etc)
        7) Put all the clothing in the bling preview window (most is not there)
        8) Return to the glamour window or the mount window when the mount evolve window is closed.

        9) Place all item icons into the correct item category so the item tabs in the character window are actually useful, rather than having 4 items in each of the first 4 tabs and then everything else in the other tab. There are many icon shards and other synth materials that dont appear in the materials window (clothing shards, angel icon shards(serrin), mount icon shards (floe), etc) Shell point cards and tarot flip cards, etc dont appear on the \'show only usable\' tick box window.

        10) Add a button to the friends list window so players can open the invites recieved window without having to delete a friend and asking them to resend the request.
        11) Add test to the timeskip scroll consume dialogue so players know how much XP will be gained by the number of scrolls they select
        12) Add a tick box on group exchange to allow players to view the gem lvls they cant exchange gems on also (so a player can see how many lvl 5 gems he needs to synth 1 lvl 8 gem ..... did he have 2 lvl 6 and 1 lvl 7 or was it the other way round??)


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