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mages skills and auto

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mages skills and auto Reply:1| View:170

        ok with last update we got on a point where we can compete with other class on dps, thats good but skills represent a problem basicly that our skills are use sensitive is a problem for auto things.... i will start with a review and suggestiond

        1st skill is not bad at all kinda lucky dependent imean chance of stun is kinda good when stun but if not is ;a waste rune...

        2nd skill is a very good skill in damage and that make creature go far is the point of mage but at same time have problems like fail move...and i mean fail move...sometimes i see the damage of skill done but guy dont move and talking pvp i know some pve guys dont suffer knock back. i will talk the other problem in combo skills

        3th skill ...waste really is a waste of so timing dependent that use on auto is just ;fail....lets say my char uses angel shield...then if use the other shield is kinda waste of mp.....dont see much reflected damage either....for last 3 secs...and lets say other uses the best skill example rg 5 skill .....there is a big chance that skill is on cd so basicly is a skill that not only is bad for help but uses our mp for cast other skills.....on ladder is not a big problem cause fight dont last much... but on pve means you dont go auto for big dps ...or have a mp pot always....

        4th skill well good for raiders bad for rest.... as a skill for ;a guy that need range for not die...that have to come near to use it is a big problem 1-2 secs is not much either....the damage is bad ...basicly is a skill so-so not so bad as 3th skill but combined with need to go near to guy could be deadly on pvp......on pve dont see problem....
        5th skill well the best dps skill of mage that after cast you can use more skill is a good bonus escept on combos. the bad thing is that get out of it is easy the pull is not so strong damage is fine now for compete on dps .

        now combos.... the 3 skill is ;fail almost all time called angel skill the problem is on auto and pve...3 skill is a fall of mp ...a mage on auto can deplete all mp in 1 min and not uses a lot of 5th skill in that time....

        2nd skill fails with 5th skill....cast 5 skill that is easy to escape for only see that 2nd skill help the guy go out?...that skill is to keep and mantein distance good for manual bad for auto....

        4th skill tend to be a fail always that char have to move.....unlike other class we need not be hit for last in fights ...we dont have any form of 4th skill is a skill for use and run far not run to guy and stay there. on combos works good with 2nd skill but fail on shield again.... if guys is freeze why use a shield that will not reflect damage cause creature cant attack... on manual the last of a mage tend to go in time 2, 3 and 4 skill so they are never cast at same time....

        the suggestion

        as i mentioned above skills are good now with last patch...but the problem is nature of char and timed skills....2nd skills and 5 skills almost all time cancel each other.... shield and freeze cancel each other solution is simple very simple at least in concept dont know how easy to program...put a second cd on skill for auto....

        the time will be something like this

        after uses 5th skill put 2secs cd on 2nd skill for 2 secs that means mages will not pull enemies outside of singularity.
        after uses shield put 3 secs of cd on freeze so char will not waste mp....
        after angel skill uses (w) put 10 secs of cd on shield and freeze

        with all this will bring a little of balance on ladder without affects more the skills ...dont know how will affect the superheal of rg but with those probably the survival will increase enough.

        PD: i know probably other guys have problem when some skills is not casted in order but our class the problem is that reduce so much dps and survival that on auto we are in a huge disaventage.

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