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A Call to Action

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A Call to Action Reply:1| View:363
        Thank you XkutegirlX for this write up!!!! I\'m;just trying to rely this message to the community.

        A Call to Action:

The time has come once again to spank the slacker DEVs of LoA. XkutegirlX is spearheading and calling on all LoA friends, family, trollers and alts to send an important collective message to the DEVS by withholding our hard-earned and highly-sought after cash until these legitimate issues are addressed and rectified.

As of now, we stand in the initial stages reaching out to players cross-server to answer this call and commit to the action. There is power in the collective and the more we gather the greater the impact.

Improvements for current game functions

VIPs improvements

Allow for free cd in Eternal Spire

Event time flexibility

Give guild leaders the chance to adjust times for gauntlet
prioritize the time gap between quiz and World Boss or the time before second TA


Add something that can be bought with Aegis Essence that isn’t useless

Ability to choose if want to do normal, nightmare, or purgatory

Don’t need to waste time to manually go through nightmare

no pop-up at bottom right

Eternal Spire

Why can’t we do level 20 blitz?

If already done, should have the choice to choose that

Why have an “auto” button if it doesn’t auto pick the rewards

Reduce price for gold and diamond flips

250 and 1k diamonds… like seriously? lol

Decrease price ->;; more people may be willing to use the options

more spire levels

TA improvements

Allow for skip

Fix the “Hide Clothes” issue(causing you to select that person when not on them)

fix battles so players don’t just stand there for several rounds, or randomly have their hits only do 10% damage or not register at all

Let people change skills without having to get out and change them

Set formation at beginning of TA, so don’t need to do it often

Also give a choice on whether or not to change form


Totem single click clearance if already completed

more totem levels

Update useable items (Not all useable items show up when you click useable only)

Adv HoC vouchers


Allow a lock on chests you don’t want opened with 1-click

Add Bond Quests, Spire, Element Zone, Burnish Claim, Team Dungeon, Erebus, CoM, Zodiac, and Totem to Little Helper

Make higher rank skills more available through Hot Events

Allows for more varied gameplay

People will participate more

The Chinese servers do it (lol; )

Customization for purchasing

Guild shop

Mars event


Forge Tab

More fuse gem synth options

Agility/hit, etc

Include sixth man on forge >;; socket, refine & enchant tabs

allow for synthing items like Hero and Angel Upgrade/Evolve Marks (15 Hero mark to lvl 16 would require 3 etc etc)

Angel Related Tabs

Consolidate GA tab and Artifact tab into one tab and do something about having to swap between GA and artifact workshop all the time.

^ ;Fix Artifact workshop telling you the Artifact is on the wrong angel.

CS queue times

People unable to get a single match after several queues

Allow CS all day for the Early birds

Compensate with honor points if a player waits through an entire cs queue without getting into a match

level 90+ players are rarely able to get into cs nowadays

formation, aegis blessing, artifact spells, skill set, stable settings, & dragon soul skill altered for entire party with one click


allow dragonsoul energy cards to be used within dragonsoul without leaving and re-entering

WB hits explanations

Why so inconsistent?

Dodge/hit ratios and/or enemy stats


Release package to increase character levels (many are already at level 95)


reinstate one-click drilling

Gem Enhancement and Soulstone Training

add ability to customize how many resources used (clicking so many times to use 3k soulstones gets pretty tiring)


Tycoon fixes

Remove CS Tycoon - Stops there from being another seed problem

Possible Seed: Ogrim in comparison to Harveen (sorry there Harveen, but your items are by far the closest in comparison to Ogrim)

Ogrim - level 10 enchant for all gear on main, Fire Queen, Silver Dragon Lord, and several other level 10 enchant levels on his other heroes

Harveen - has several level 10 enchants scattered throughout his heroes and main

Ogrim has been able to synth 11 Imperial Gears from the Zeus set (which uses Divine Emblems)

Harveen only has 7 Imperial Gears from this set

(I’d normally post screenshots, but since this post is already so long, attached are the links for both Harveen’s and Ogrim’s servers so you may look and see for yourself)

Harveen’s server:

Ogrim’s server:

If anyone else would like to add anything else about Ogrim, please feel free to do so

Fixed qualifying points, fluctuates from 100k to 110k

Add more ranks for single server tycoon ->;; encourages players to strive and reach ranks

1-click rewards claim

Recharge History

Tiered rewards for history recharge (Divine)

opt out of seeing all banners, rose animations, pop-ups, etc.


More in game mails

Banners once or twice an hour.. not all the freaking time

unannounced changes (e.g. Val/Ced skills)

please look at this forum post for Val compensation details: ;;

ALL planned events should be sent via email, not everyone checks the forums (Ever heard of a calendar? Try it sometime )

Current customer support… improved a bit, but still ignores tickets and doesn’t always give good answers/advice

Things to Fix

Fix flashing items

chat channel switching after completing tasks like Inferno

Take off “New” on things not new

BR in battle and outside of battle is different

faulty astral notification when there’s none to be unlocked

allow battle configurations to be saved & changed quickly for different tasks

Speed bonus in TC causes out-of-sync players, moonwalking in their base

Invisible players in Gauntlet (players who joined after you aren’t visible)

lag problems

Client download for every platform not just GTA (A STABLE/WORKING one)

Tarot lag

Gem synth, cherubstones, item synth lag (especially in angel artifact stones)

When using little helper, diamonds go missing

Amount varies, but can range from a few to 200 or more(?)

Sell option for all items that cannot be smelted

easier access to Arena, TA, Dom doors (mounts get in the way)

clarification on whether or not Nereida/Silver Queen and Messenger of Darkness/Oracle skills can stack

If there is anything else you would like to add, please note which category your bug/advice would go under and I will do my best to edit the list

Thank you for reading!

 jimmy pham_293... Last edit in 2015-9-13 23:45:31


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