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Event Revamps

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        Mage Realm is a pretty decent game, even with all the controversy that has happened the past couple updates. I like the change to the Siphon system, it makes it a lot easier getting a Hero to lvl 5+ instead of needing multiple of the same hero to Siphon, especially on newer servers.
        Figured I would post some suggestions to improve the game a bit.

        1.) Implement a feature that allows you to blitz guild bounty missions all at once. In addition to that, add a feature that allows you to refresh all your missions to legendary quality, whether it be with gold, or diamonds. Having a price to blitz one mission for 15 diamonds is a poor feature, it takes 3 secs to clear a guild bounty mission.

        2.) Queen Maze... where to start. This daily event is extremely boring and easy. It needs a full overhaul. A few events that are similar that are used in other games that would work are: Memory card matching game, Daily Tower where you ascend levels to get rewards;(might be too similar to Hero Ordeal though), Dice game where you earn points for your total on the dice that you roll. Something needs to change for Queen Maze to be an exciting, important daily event. As it is right now with the gold required to upgrade angels, a lot of people don\'t even do Queen Maze.

        3.) Guild Bonfire, in order for this event to be useful, experience gains need to be increased, and costs to extend the duration and increase experience buff need to be lowered. It currently costs hundreds of diamonds for 5-10k experience, from extending the duration, and increasing the bonfire bonus gains. It just isn\'t practical to spend that many diamonds for 10,000 experience when you need 10 million+ experience to level up past 70. (Most guilds forgo doing this event to save up funds for building leveling, as it just doesn\'t give a good amount of experience to be useful)

        4.) Equipment and Hero bestowing, the required material to bestow level 60 to level 70 equipment is way too much. Winning all your Ladder fights, gets you 3 stones each day, which would take you close to 14 days to bestow one piece of gear, that\'s too much. Hero Bestowing is the same. Bestowing an S Hero to an SS Hero requires 50 stones. These stones are earned in the same shop as equipment stones. The prices need to be lowered, and offered in other ways. It would take you months to bestow all your equipment and Heroes to the next tier. No one wants to spend 3000 diamonds to bestow ONE hero or piece of equipment.

        5.) Wrath of Oaklane, I like this new event, fun and challenging, though it needs some work. If you are going to remove grinding, then you need to remove the time limit in Oaklane. In addition to that, I think it would be a good idea to remove the ticket cost to enter, and instead have the bosses, mini bosses, and chests drop tickets which are then used to trade for items in the realm shop.  

        A few other minor suggestions:

         - If you are dead when the time runs out in 2v2 instantly revive and end the event. Sitting there for 20 secs after the match is over is a waste of time. Some events auto end when you are dead, and some don\'t, make them all end immediately once time runs out.

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