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Alliance Expedition Guide

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Alliance Expedition Guide Reply:1| View:3495

        Alliance Expedition

                Alliance Expedition can be accessed from the main interface City Features->Alliance Expedition or Divine Realm -> Alliance Expedition icons, both situated in the top right corner of the game’s interface.
You can participate in Alliance Expedition once you have reached lvl 70 and have joined an Alliance. Also the Alliance that you’ve joined had to pass the qualifier stage where, who’s ranked in top 70 Alliances, will get to participate in Expedition War.
    Alliance Expedition is a Cross-Server PvP event which is a very competitive war among the Alliances.

        The event is a permanent one and it’s held each week. There are 3 main parts:
1. Qualifier
2. Expedition War
3. Rewards
3.1 Challenge Mode

        1. Qualifier (Monday-Tuesday)
Each Monday and Tuesday the system will automatically select the top 70 Alliances as target challenge. You can check if your Alliance is qualified by clicking on the “Qualifier” option. Once opened that, your alliance will show on the first pare, bottom row and tell you which rank your Alliance is found.
        Alliance Rank
The original top 70 alliance is selected according to the number of members, Alliance Level and the total battle rating.
You can also see all the Alliance names who qualified, BR, leader names, number of members in each alliance. (See picture below)

        2. Expedition War ( Wednesday-Friday)
All alliances will challenge all the alliances ranked 70th to 1st in sequence, including their own Alliance. When your alliance defeated all the target alliance members, then the whole alliance will receive both each challenge rewards and Alliance clearance rewards.

        1. You can see the name of the Alliance that you have to defeat and also the number of members.
2. Collect reward chests by clicking on the chest every time one of your alliance members kills anyone. If you missed out to collect from one alliance, or a whole day, do not worry, you have time until the last day (Friday) of war to collect all the rewards.
3. You can also see a log of who attacked who. You can only see members of your own alliance attacking though.
4. BR Match = Automatic matching based on your BR will begin after clicking this button, it will bring up immediately whoever is left alive to kill.

        Level Match = Automatic matching based on your Level will begin after clicking this button, it will bring up immediately whoever is left alive to kill.
5. View Parties offers you the possibility to see how many alliances have you (your alliance) defeated, who was defeated and who’s next to attack once you’ve killed everyone on the current Alliance that you’re at.
Every time you defeat an alliance you get to collect even more rewards from the chest.
“Fail” means that the Alliance failed to defend and you have managed to eliminate all their members.
“In Battle” mean that’s that Alliance you are currently attacking
“Victory” means the you’ve not attacked that Alliance yet, therefor they haven’t failed.
( see picture)

6.  Alliance opens the normal interface for Alliance that everyone is familiar with
        7. Score ranking – Click this icon to view DMG rankings, alliances and slayer rankings between alliances.
        You get to collect the rewards Saturday and Sunday and this is what you can get:
  As you can see in this picture, there is a “Last Kill Time”. You will see this specification when you check the rewards in Alliance Rank. The rule is that who defeats first all 70 Alliances gets to keep the first rank, who finishes 2nd, gets to keep 2nd rank and so on.

8. Remaining Challenges   - In expedition War, all alliance members will have 10 free attempts in day 1 (Wednesday), 20 free attempts day 2 and 3 (Thursday and Friday) to challenge other alliance members, and 10 more challenge attempts can be gained daily at 12:00 and 18:00. You can also buy up to 50 challenges per day (Costs will look like this: 20 diamonds first attempt, 20 diamonds 2nd attempts, 40 diamonds 3rd attempt, 40 diamonds 4th attempt, etc)
        3. Rewards (Saturday-Sunday)
The final stage is rewards stage including two parts, namely Inner Alliance reward rank and Alliance Rank. The better you and your alliance perform the better rewards you will get.
3.1 Also in these last 2 days you have a feature called “Challenge mode
        In the final stage you will still get chance to challenge the strongest alliance or challenge your own alliance. Alliance leader can unlock Challenge Mode every Saturday and Sunday. More rewards will be gained. (see picture below)

        If your alliance is not strong enough and you can’t beat other alliance, don\'t worry about that, each time you fail in challenging an opponent, the opponent will be deduced 2% of his stats and the reduction can be stacked.

The main reward is Purgatory Soul and it can be used to train Sylphs (to read more about Sylphs click here ). And final winner alliance members will win King\'s Division Emblem.
        *This post is made by FM team to help players gain more knowledge about this system.

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