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WitchesDen Off-Topic to others :P

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WitchesDen Off-Topic to others :P Reply:1| View:824
Edited by angel_of_misery at 2015-11-8 09:45

        first you will need to change nostrum that you will use on your charecter and nostums on your heroes
        first your Charecter it should have nostrum like her when you have same class because you dont have Vip3 you can only use 2 nostrums
        to buy nostrums best way is to buy them from Secret arena D-Crystal Shop
        those nostrums ar for Charecter necesary it look like that
        now Nostrums for your heroes well because spiritus have nice buff and later when you will get stronger heroes you will get quite stronger in battle too
        Pdeff Nostrum will help you with only 1 skill and atleast it will be deffense agains patk users even though lots of players using matk heroes but mostly that nostrum is used for Magic Break skill
        my building that i told to RainAngel its simple that anyone can do it and after time when you will get stronger it will pay off but it still isnt the best deffense build
        Because it still missing Unholy blood wolf
        Important things that you need to have on heroes especialy for deffenders
        Title Celebration of HP
        Totems:Ancestral totem and Nature totem
        Active skills and passive skills:
        Arcane Spor
        Magic Break
        Brutal Shot
        Bird of prey
        Blood Essence
        Check Gus picture to see how they look
        Well Arcane spor we can only get if we Demonization for skills there we can get any skill that is not for that tipe of hero but you probably know that already but i will still anyway explain it maybe you forgot it how it works
        When you press on Demonization it will pop up that window
        each refresh for skills it cost 10 variation dust the first yellow picture marked is necesary to have on all heroes that is for reviving hero that died in battle
        while you ar still in Demonization lets set Title for hero its important that you have right title for hero
        7 star or above you can put on heroes Red titles but for now only Thor can be free to get with 170 Stampers
        but for heroes that ar below 7 stars the title Should be Celebration of HP yust like that Gus below on that picture
        Now lets yump to Totems how to get them to start i made my own eazy way to start on them with that atleast 1 thing you can max eazy out
        to open middle totem you need to get HP totem and Deff totem on +9 after you do that on hp totem and deff totem get each totem to 60% after you have both on 60% you will get middle totem marked in red to 18% after you do that on one hero go to another and repeat same thing for middle totem setting should be Deff if they will have Celebration of HP
        that is for heroes now for your own personal title for 40% HP for spiritus more than attack is important to have high HP because some skills ar based on HP rather on attack
        after you do requirements to get last title for 40% HP you will get some more damage for your charecter
        well i hope you get to this realy fast that you get atleast that completet down because it lots of things that you will need to improve
        now lets yump to next Mount its good that you got Alpaca mount his max upgrade rate is 4.0
        the best way to level up is to Exchange Top tier mount Exp from event
        saving up Beast melle is important too well mostly because for exchanging for top tier mount potions but even when you will get alpaca on max 4.0 dont stop exchanging them you will need atleast to get around 1,000,000 mount exp lots of things will be consuming mount experience
        because you ar already high level you probably have that open in mount section
        here ar 3 things that you can shose Upgrade mount level
        next is training your mount
        and last is Colection there you can upgrade your mount
        but first is colection
        it will consume lots of potions that you will upgrade your mount to max level but it will be worth because your charecter will get stronger and will have more damage and HP
        training your mount its good because you will equip later better equipment on him but recomendet is to only level it to lv 50 check this picture above it only after you will end with colection upgrade your mount that you have in your case Alpaca to max only then you could max this out but i would not advise to max this out not till end would rather save mount exp in case you get better mount and when you get it you will have it in no time max level on upgrade
        Mount orb the higher level you will have that the better stats you will have with mount sorry only know that
        Lucky orb the better upgradet it will be the more skills you will have chances to add in skill panel in mount
        after it will change color on this writing to blue or purple later and even later to orange it will open panel to add additional skill
        and lastly your beast you can get items for upgrading your aura in Legend of Samele or in Beast melle shop that you get it to Bout II faster the more tiresome will it be getting it to Bout III
        i hope it will help you atleast little to get stronger but if you dont want to get stronger that will be your thing now i can complain tch it was such a pain in the ass to make that lol
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