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Figher in Depth

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I\'m a main fighter player that\'s why this guide is tended for fighter only.By the way, I\'m not a native English speaker, forgive for my bad use of E sometimes.
I. General Introduction of;Fighter
One of the four classes in Knight\'s Fable, The Master of the Blade who\'s both quick and nimble.The unique type of character that excels at dealing single target damage.
II. Main Stats/Nostrums/Glory Titles;
1. Stats
As your main role in a party is the damage dealer, the stats that you should focus on shall be as follows:
-Patk: The most important stat for any character using physical attack
-Hp: You can not survive in a battle if not get enough health
-Agility: The stat that makes a good or bad fighter
-Hit: Same as Agility, I want to emphasize this one as the stat you should build really hard in later phase of game.Why? A lot of people playing fighter just devote in Crit, Dodge but your mission is to hit hard to kill something as fast as you can. What happens if you have high Agi, Crit, Dodge and attack missed all the times when facing a team with tankers?? =>; Failed. Remember, you are the one who kill to live, not run to live.
-Crit: So after you could make sure to hit accurately, this stat shall be a really good one that improves your killer instinct.
-Dodge: Also a good one ;but not vital, you should build it when the others are high enough. In some battles, It may give you some luck for surviving longer to turn the tide of the fight.
2. Nostrum
From these stats I described above, the best Nostrums a Fighter should use are Patk, HP,Agi, Hit
3. Glory Title
For the Glory Title, Divine Glory is what a Fighter needs: It boost your ATK by 10/20/30/40% for each rank correspondingly
And here\'s a sample of my own char

III. Beast;
-The beast that mostly suit fighter for free now is Chimera as it deals AoE ignoring defense damage, recovers energy and especially applies amplifying damage effect on enemies. If you don\'t get luck for it, Neither Tortoise or ;Corpse Commander are acceptable.
And of course,if you a heavy VIP, just go for Rose Finch, Hydra, Ents, Yeti,... not need to say about this too much
-All though all the beasts cause damage by their skills.They are still divided into 3 types:;
*;Attack;(signature skills would give damage boost/amplifying/return or decrease enemy\'s defensive stats, increases your party\'s offensive stats,..)
*;Defense(signature skills would give damage damage reduction, stuns enemy or decreases their\'s;offensive stats, increases your party\'s defensive stats,..)
*;Neutral-A special kind( both offense and defense) such as Kumiho and Dracomere which I\'ll explain later.;
It depends on your demand that you pick one for your self.
-Here I give you basic category of the 3 types( not mentioning;Rosefinch;and;Hydra;as they are too epic)
*;Attack Type
Chimera,;Siren,;Neither Tortoise,;Gilded Griffin,;Yeti,;Astral Tiger,;SilverWing.
*;Defense Type
Unholy Blood Wolf,;Ents,;Corpse Commander,;Jester Cat,;Viper Lord,;Lampard.
*;Neutral Type
Now you may ask why is there a neutral beast type?? Simply because they can at the same time both help you attack and defense with their multi-functional skill effect
Kumiho;is one;sample. Its Moon Ecstasy can decrease enemies\'s Agi, Crit, Dodge by an amount of 12%. For a fighter, it means you can deal more damage with your Demonic Sword Play due to the greater difference in Agility, attack targets with lowered dodge more accurately while preventing oppornents from scoring critical strikes.
Similarly,;Dracomere;gives you better output with amplifying damage status while preventing your opponents from casting skills by reducing a decent amount of their energy( 27).
III. Party Setting
Their are various ways of positioning, but your best places should be at the back row( If you like 2 tankers) or bottom( if you need another damage dealer or when you want to put a tanker with taunt to disrupt enemies\'s attacks+ share the damage or simply avoid back row stuns)
Here are images:
Back row position;
Bottom Position
-1 tanker-1 damage dealer
-2 tankers

IV. Skill
Different skill sets are used but in my opinion, we\'ll use these ones:
For star lvl 1-10:
Usually at lower levels, the battles are wrapped in 4 turns. There are not so many of them that last longer than 1 round so this might be the skill order that help you finish the battle the fastest
Fissure Slam;->;;Beast Cut->;;Sword Play;->;;Sly Slash
Put;Fissure Slam;as the 1st skill to fill fully the Beast Rage gauge so that it can attack after your 1st turn then use;Beast Cut;for damage boost til the end of the round.
If your heroes get skills with high chance of casting, you may want to try this setup:
Make a gamble to exchange for some damage boost from;Sly Slash;if you are lucky enough
But I highly recommend using the 1st skill order
For later Star level: Since the appearance of Chimera and some other beasts which are able to recover energy, there are new skill setups spring at the same time:
So I\'ll introduce 2 types of skill set for both 2 situations that your beast can and can not recover energy ( just revolve around the removal of;Beast Cut, not much)
Star 10-12:
If you are using a beast that can recover energy:
Perfect Edge;->;;Sword Play;->;;Fissure Slam;->;;Blood Burst
Sly Slash;->;;Sword Play;->;;Fissure Slam;->;;Blood Burst
Depends on what you lack,choose 1st one for Crit+ Dodge boost or the 2nd for Agi(damage) boost, note thaterfect Edgeonly gives 1 rage so for bout 2 and lower beast, it makes the same scenario as the skill order for Star level 1-10 I mentioned above, try your luck. There will be no problem once you got your beast reached bout 3.
If you dont have a beast for energy recovering:
No way else but we\'ll have to use;Beast cut;as the mean of energy recovering and remove;Fissure Slam;due to it\'s huge energy cost
Replaceerfect Edge;with;Sly Slash;if you want to make sure for a beast attack at early stage.
I still get no idea about the skill;Decapitation, so it won\'t be mentioned.
For Talent Skill: Focus on the skills that give vital stats as I mentioned in part II
It should look like thi
You should devote your points into Beginning Skill rather than Ending Skill as it provides a good amount of damage and crit for whole party while Ending Skill appears to be less sufficient. So just 1 point for it. Once again, Patk, Agility and Hit must be given the most concern.
V. Hero/Companion
Because at this time ,there are too many new heroes that have been being released, i cant make a deep guide for this. Therefore, I\'ll just give some most typical heroes that are being used and popular among players.;I\'ll not list out event heroes as they may be out of the reach, here are heroes that you can get for free and their power is good enough to compete with the others;
+,Tankers: If you are looking for a free tank hero, then these are best choices at present:;Good Templar,;Tarki,;Great Lancer( early stage),Poseidon,;Laocoon,;Thor( later phase)
-The title a tanker needs for better endurance is;Celebration of HP;or;Holy Light(only for;Thor;cus he\'s a 7 stars hero).;
-Totems used are Nature( +HP) and Ancestral(+DEF)
* Active skill: Arcane Spore is a must for your hero because it gives that hero a 2nd life in a battle. Taking Titan Seal/ Aurora Smash to help improve your defense as Titan Seal gives damage reduction while Aurora Smash can stun enemy for 1 turn.Taking Magic Break for more damage-This skill deals ignoring damage based on your hero\'s PDEF. Other considerable choice may be Bloodline Contract(Only early stage) or Dead Redemption(Only for heroes with high HP, low DEF because the damage returned is based on the damage your heroes take after it\'s reduced by armor(40%) so the less the armor, the greater the damage. This also means you must use title that give high HP and no DEF such as Defense Master or Indomitable Will)
Passive skill: When choosing passive skill, Blood Essence, Brutal Shout are highly recommended. The last one is flexible.;
IF you choose Magic Break or Aurora Smash as the 2nd active skill,get Bird of Pray as It provides you some Hit stat that help your attacks more accurate so you can deal greater damage to enemies.The same goes for Bloodline Contract(Attacking missed means no heal)
IF you choose Titan Seal or Dead Redemption;as the 2nd active skill, get Sky Snake or Phantom Form cus Titan Seal/Dead Redemption doesn\'t cause much damage and even if you attack missed, the damage reduction/return buff still works.
+, Damage dealers: here are best free cannons you need :;Lilith,;Athena,oseidon,;Kratos,Ragged Storm( my favorite vampire) and;Laocoon
-The title for a damage dealer should be;Aria of Devil(for;Spirit) or;Rage of Mars(for;Blood).;
-Totems used are Nature( +HP) and War(+ATK) or sometimes, a few players use Ancestral in replace of Nature.
* Active skill: Arcane Spore(explained above), For;Spirit;type, Ice Wrath is the best 2nd active skill cus it deals AoE damage with extra bonus the higher your percentage of Hp is. For;Blood;type, Soul Fire seems to be the best skill you can use.This skill deals damage based on enemy\'s max HP that\'s good for dealing;with high HP heroes
Passive skill: Blood Essence;and Thunder Flash Footwork are highly recommended. Use Stardust Grudge for;Blood;and Dimensional Meditation for;Spirit

VI. Ending
This is the first time I make a guide in forum. There are still mistakes i got in the process of composing. Hope that this may be useful for newbies as well as veteran some how. If you find out something and want to discuss or correct, feel free to give ideas. For the last words: Thanks and see ya;

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