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ULTIMATE FIGHTER'S GUIDE 2015 Reply:1| View:2006

        ULTIMATE FIGHTER\'S GUIDE 2015;(Most beneficial for VIPs)        CONTENTS:

1. ABOUT FIGHTER (Pro\'s & Cons)

Hello diehard player, I (Mr. PAIN from S335) welcome you to the world of Knight\'s Fable, where I will be sharing you the secrete of Ultimate strategy solely from my experience. If you are looking for the Ultimate guide (Specially design for Fighter), LOOK NO FURTHER !!, I assured you that, this guide will soar you to the highest peak possible. So, without further dragging, let\'s plunge right into the heart of learning.

Since You have chosen to be a Fighter, It would shape your character in right degree by understanding your weakness and strength.

Attack:;;;;;;;; High;; ;;;;;;;;;(Target ->; Very High)
Defence:;;;; Low;; ;;;;;;;;; (Target ->; Average);; ;
Hit:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Average ;;;;(Target ->; Very High)
        Critical:;;;;; ; Average;; ; (Target ->; High)
Agility:;;;;;;;;; Average;; ; (Target ->; Very High)
Dodge:;;;;;;;; Average;; ; (Target ->; Average)
Endurance: Average;;;;; (Target ->; Average)
        HP:;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Average;;;;; (Target ->; High)

        Note the difference in rating: Low ->; Average ->; High ->; Very High
Physical Attack: Since Fighter\'s Victory comes from a Single Blow or Deathly Strike (Call it anything), our Aim here is to increase Attack Very high (As much as Possible).
        Defence(Both Phy/Mag): Since we will be fighting agains PvE and PvP, there are many AoE heroes that can take the whole unit in a blow. So, our Aim here is to sustain first blow from our target by increasing our Defence to Average(Even if your formation keeps your character behind)
        Hit: All our efforts will go in vain if we can\'t land a blow to our enemy. Hence, our Aim here is to Max-Out on HIT so we will never miss even a single blow.
        Critical: Our Aim here is to increase Critical to High so that the Agility we will raise will pick up during the fight.
Agility: This is the MOST Important attribute for a Fighter. Fighter\'s fate is decided by agility as it allows one to attack first. Hence, our Aim here is to increase to Very High (As much as possible). Note that the Agility will do double damage (x2) and will trigger Critical hit (We built Critical to High for this reason).
Dodge: Since our focus is on Attacking, let\'s not give much attention to Dodge (Instead spend all resources on Attack, Hit, Agility). It is good to dodge but unfortunately there is only 1 piece of gear you can embed/socket either Dodge or HIT (For this reason, i prefer HIT).
Endurance: We will not give much attention to Endurance as we land first blow (Hopefully most Opponents vanish). Instead we will use all attribute/resources we have to max-out other Attributes (Hit, Agility, Attack, Critical).
        HP: Since we will be dealing with PvE and PvP, lets give HP priority and get decent value (High)

Sample of our BUILT: (1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest)
Attack;; ;;; ;:10
Defence;;; :06
        Hit;; ;;; ;;;;;;; :10
        Critical;; ;;; :07
Agility;; ;;;;; :10
Dodge;; ;;;; :05

        2. FIGHTER\'S SKILLS
        Since we will be dealing with 2 types of Opponent (PvE and PvP), you need to set up 2 kind of Skills Set.
        Below Set is for PvE (Eg. World Boss)
        Beast Cut: This skill will increase Caster Attack for 2 turns but drag your HP down by 8%. (FYI: No rage will be granted by this Skill)
        Sly Slash: This skill will increase Caster Agility which is useful for the next blow.
        Swordplay: This skill is the Ultimate skill for Fighter\'s. It has to be upgraded to Max level. This skill deal damage based on difference in Caster Agility and target\'s Agility.
        During this blow, earlier skills (Beast Cut & Sly Slash) will be adding the bonus (Both Attack and Agility), hence will result in a deadly blow.
        Fissure Slam: This skill is recommended in lower level (Till level 55), after which you can learn Blood burst and replace this skill.
        Blood Burst: This skill is one of the strongest as it will deal more damage on Target as their HP gets lower.
        For all other high level skills, you can review them once you hit the require level and arrange them as per your need. Proper skill management will give you victory in most fight.

        Recommendation for PvP
        PS: Don\'t forget to replace Fissure Slam with Blood Burst. Remember you can always change the arrangement as per your desire.

        Besides these main skills, we also have PASSIVE SKILLS. Try to get all of them (Except Magical Ones) and increase them to Max.

        3. HEROES
Since we are starting from Day one with very low resources, we will recruit Agamemnon and Vlad.
        Our Target here is to recruit Pandora, Tiffany and Glazer. (This will give us Tie-Bonus)
        Heroes Tie-Bonus:

        Once reached level 50, we can recruit Valkyrie (With 5Stars) to replace Pandora.
        If there is an EVENT around when your server starts and you manage to get 6,7+ Stars Heroes, very well, that\'s just awesome.
        Example of such event result: (I got Loki from Carnival Event)
        Since we are trying to get best set-up for Heroes, let\'s take below points into consideration (View attributes in above picture for clear reference)

        a) Demonization: This requires lots of material (Call Variation Dust) which is very difficult to get especially in lower levels. The best suggestion is that you use it on good Heroes to get Orange BONUS. Given below is one among the list of Orange bonuses. Demonization is one of the key to unlock true potentials of your Heroes to give you a winning streak. Remember to user suitable TITLE base on your set-up.
        For Defensive Heros (Use HP and DEF Titles)
        For Offensive Heroes (Use Attack, Agility, Critical Titles)

        b) INT: This is a potion to make your Heroes Base attributes higher. I would suggest you to invest lots of them on good Heroes. If you don\'t have good Heroes it\'s still not a bad idea to invest as you can inherit later but may cost you rare element (Inheritance Orb). Highter Int level is, better your Hero\'s attributes are.

        c) Totem: One of the very important criteria to make your Heroes powerful. I would suggest you to take good measure before you Light-Up the totems as you have limitation of only 18.
        As for Defensive Heroes, It would be best to make all Nature Totem full. Good amount of Ancestral Totem and less on War Totam as most of defensive Heroes skills are base on HP/Defence.
        As for Offensive Heroes, It would be best to make all War Totem full. Good amount of Nature Totem and average on Ancestral Totem as most Offensive Heroes skills are base on their Attack (Ignore Defence) and HP/Defense sometimes. Once the totem reach 18, it can be upgraded.
        Remember to refresh the Totem flow once all Totems are fully upgraded.

        d) Aptitute: This is also very important attribute as it will directly increase your base values (Useful on HIT, CRIT, AGI, Dodge and END)
        The higher your aptitute values are, the better your Heroes BR\'s are.

        e) Heroes Skills: The skills mostly depends on each Class of Heroes.
        As for my Guide I\'ll be using Spirit Heroes as DPS and Divine Heroes as Tanker.
        This way you can avoid using multiple Nostrum on different class of Heroes.
        For Tanking Heroes, Use Arcane Spore (Can Revive again death with an amount of HP). This skill will allows your DPS Hero\'s to attack maximum without being HIT.
        Other notable Skill are Magic Break (Damage base on Caster Defense), Titan Seal\'s and the list goes on.
        As for DPS Heroes, Use Ice Wrath, Blood pack, etc. Passive Skills depends on your Heroes\' Built.

        4. BEAST
        Beast is a very important equal to the Heroes you have recruited. Beast will raise your BR Ceiling and give you advantages/Bonus in many fights.
At low level, we will be using Desert Spider as it has Ignore Defence and damage to All.
Once we have enough Silver to explore, exchange can be done for Neither Tortoise(Legendary), purely on LUCK basis.
When we have sufficient Silver, we will try our Luck for Chimera (Top Beast for free Players)
Our Aim is to get Unholy Blood wolf, Viper Lord, Bird and Hydra, Rosefinch, Hyrad, Ents and Silverwing (All from Event) by spending enough GOLD.

        From above Picture, lets discuss some attribute that needs to be paid attention.
        i) Beast Level
        ii) Beast Skill Level
        iii) Beast Aura Level (Battle Bonus)
        iv) Battle Formation
        v) Beast Evolution Level

        To upgrade above skills, you need 3 materials (Spirit Stones, Energy Stones and Aura Stones), each amount varies with the level as it goes up.
        These materials can be gain sometime from Event as reward but mostly from daily activity (Beast Melee Fight reward)
        I would suggest you to take a fight during the BONUS Hours so even if you loose, you still get good amount of MELEE BADGE (Which can be exchange with items required for upgrading anything related to Beast in Melee Shop).
        Remember the highest level of the Beast can only be equal to your Character level.
        As for Fighter I suggest you to get a Best with Agility Bonus and having Ignore Defense Skill. (I bet you already know what Beast i\'m talking about )
        As you use more explore, once you have enough materials, level up your Beast to 50 so that it can be evolve to Bout 1 (Which will gives you Huge BR).
        Remember to Evolve, all the 3 Beast attribute (Level, Skill, Aura have to reach certain level - Starting with 50)
        The Trick here is choosing the right Beast for your kind of Class and what bonus you need from that Beast you decided to use.
        PS: User refresh Bonus for the choice of your Battle position.

        5. HOW TO BE A KING
        Who doesn\'t wanted to be a KING ! (LoL)
        The KING is a Title given to the player having highest BR in that specific Server on the 8th Day of Server.
To be a KING means to have highest BR and is not a joke. Yes, I repeat it\'s not a Joke.
        You should be spending 4-8Hrs (5hrs if you are smart) a day to get to our Target.
        There are 3 Things we need to focus in order to be a KING
a) Leveling (Target is to reach Level 55 ASAP)
b) Obtain Beast (Target is Chimera) or any good Beast if Event is around.
c) Obtain Gear (Target Golden Gear Set), advantage for VIP\'s as they can get Vestment and Gears from Shop.

        a) Leveling: As soon as the Server Open, Create your Character. Complete the tutorials which goes till certain levels.
        Recharge your account for VIP2 (This is to get Vestments from Shop)
Now suite yourself up with your new Vestment and the free Weapon you get. You should be strong enough to blow-off all your enemy by now.
        Next with the Gold you recharge and log-in gift, buy Exp-Nostrum. This nostrum will last a day or two or may be longer depends on which one you buy.

        Next you follow the quest line till you hit level 35 (Should be easy enough).
        Level up your Goddess (May Cost you fortune but its worth).
        ONLY kill high level Thieves and fish a lot (Add 50 friends, possible with VIP3 & above; to get more XP). Feed Fish for them for XP.

        Next our target is to complete all possible task in All Star.
        Completing each Loop task will grant 100k Exp. So, use it wisely and yeah it needs lots of gold at this level as you may not get appropriate task and need to refresh every now and then to get suitable task.
        Once 10 Loops quest are completed, a good amount of reward can be obtain.
        Remember to always Boost (Using 200K Silver) and claim Double (Cost 10 Gold).
        With the Nostrum giving you 25% XP Extra and All-Star XP, you should be able to hit 40Level with a decent BR.
        Yes ! Always complete 50 Daily loop quest which gives you good reward in Prestige, XP, Silver and Gem.
        Capture Servant which as XP on them and with higher Level. Collect only XP fruits from TREE OF WISDOM\' in your City and discard other fruits until you hit level 55.

        After level 35 Plus, consider building your Character. Some of the features that can be built are: Soul, Star Atlas, Start Stones, Glyp, Upgrade gears, Sock gems etc.
        Now try looking back to our previous points (Point number 1, 2, 3 and 4). Try to get anything good from above points and it should help you get very strong.
        You will now contest in the PvP fight (Battle Shrine) to earn your Prestige.
Once you have enough Prestige points, you can exchange it for Nostrum (Select Lesser Dead Blood Poison and Lesser HP).
        This should boost your BR to take down everyone in the BS giving you ultimate position for now (Top1).
        Don\'t forget to hit Gophers for Gem.

        Once you have the required Level, You can play daily with Stallion Grid and Shooter which will give you good reward to boost your attributes.
        Stallion Grid will give you reward to Boost you Mount which you will received freely after reaching required level.

        Shooter will reward you with points based on your shooting skills. These points will be use to level up your attributes.
        Sample of my Character Attribute upgraded from items in Shooter (Elements and Taboo Pills). Remember to Evolve only the Attributes you need most.

        Now with all above taken into consideration, You should be strong enough to tackle any Enemy.
        Later on when you hit enough high level, you can FORGE your gears. We will not cover those topics as our Target here is to become KING which will be decided after 7days. Time is limited and we have to make use of it wisely. Whenever you feels like you need to log-off, train your character in Training Room. This will give you offline XP which is very useful to level up. I suggest you create a room which gives you good XP. Remember it requires VIP level and Gold.

        Consider going back to each points to increase your BR.
        Remember to daily complete:
        i) Holy Throne (Gives you good drop, Enormous XP and Badge to learn Talent Skill (Begin Skill & End Skill)
        ii) Jobs (Also Loop quest) - This will give you enough XP and some good item (Gem Lvl3 and 4 on the 200th quest)
        iii) Hell Portal (Try to run with friends to get more points. Gives you Orange gear for Orange Minions and also Magic Crystal for Forging Gear later at  higher Level)
        iv) Maze (Gives you huge XP and drop very useful items -Necklace, Ring and Pendant)
        v) Melee Beast (Melee Badge to trade for goodies to level up your Beast)
        vi) City Defense (Will gives you Start Dust to upgrade you Star Level, so that you can learn more skills of your class)
        vii) Group Dungeon (Will gives Legendary reputation to recruit Heroes)
        viii) World Boss (1PM and 9PM - Only one time may you can join)
        ix) Escort (This will give you Silver which is required in the game)

        As you keep consistently following and completing all above event\'s, in no time will you reach level 55. We target level 55 because every level you hits will open new features which will increase your BR and makes you stronger over other players who haven\'t reach that level yet.
        After completion of 7days, you should be confident enough to be on TOP1 and on 8days will the KING title arrive in your in-box mail.

        This is all for now and I hope it is helpful

        Warm Regards
        PAIN S335


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