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Guild: For Beginners

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        Guild Guide for beginners.         Version 1.0

        1. Overview
        2. Guild services
2.1. Hall
2.1.1. - Guild roster
2.1.2. - Guild statistics
2.1.3. - Guild devotion
2.1.4. - Guild devotion rewards
2.1.5. - Guild roles
2.3. Camp
2.3.1. Tips
2.4. Guild shop
2.4.1. Tips
2.5. Research center
2.5.1. Research areas
2.6. Monument of Honor
2.6.1. Nobility system
2.7. Feast hall
2.7.1. Tips
2.8. Training ground
2.9. Treasure raid
2.10. Wharf
        3. Final Words

        Overview         Guilds are in the core of League of Angels: Fire Raiders. They provide support and ability to grow. Also been in a guild unlocks most of the features there is.

        Once you reach level 22 you will be given the choice to join or create guild. To create guild you will need 300 spare diamonds and cool name limited to 16 characters. If the responsibility of a leader is not for you, join one of the many guilds already existing.
        My advice is the moment you hit 22 join a guild, have some fun, chat, showoff battles. Don\'t play solo it will only slow your development.

        What do you need to know before joining a guild?

        You should look for a guild that has players around your level and strength in order to get the best out of the experience. The facts are simple. If you join late game guild while in the early or mid game you will have a lot of problems. First you will not be able to use mercenaries due to the fact their level is way above yours. You will have really hard time in Wharf unable to plunder the strong opponents the guild faces. You will have very little contribution in the Treasure Raid even if you get the full rewards just for participating. But been unable to contribute will slow down your guild in clearing the next chapter.
        Find a guild as active as you are. The top ranked guilds are mostly comprised of very active even hardcore gamers (if there is such a thing for game like LoA ). Often if you are not able to perform at certain standards you will get kicked. Each guild is different. Long story short find guild that has activity level as you do.

        At any point you can leave and join others guilds if the current one is not suitable for you any more. There is no penalty for guild hopping other than some participations restrictions on the day you leave the guild and social reputation hit. Changing guild to often will make you less desirable candidate.

        The benefits of been in guild are countless and the stronger the guild you are in, the stronger you will get and ;the faster you will rise to the top ranks.

        What follows is basic description of the main guild functionalities. ;
        The guild Hall is pretty much the tool that the guild masters use to manage their guilds. The Hall screen have few sections:

        Guild roster

        In there you can see a roster of current members ordered by level from top. Each member will have his chosen avatar, name, level, position, status and devotion points for the day. The avatar, name and player level are pretty obvious. The position refers to the member position in the guild. Currently there are only 3 of those - Leader, Vice Leader and member. The status show if the player is online or when he was last online (Tip: important tool to measure activity of your members as guild leader).

        Devotion points are daily. Each day any player can have up to 2300 points.

  •                                         800 from exploration - normal and elite adventures. Each stamina point used in the adventures or relic dungeon gives 1 devotion - blitz or normal attack, it all counts. ;                

  •                                         1000 points from Angel Trial - each 10 points in Angel Trial give 1 point devotion, so you need 10 000 angel trial points daily to max it. ;                

  •                                         Up to 500 points from fighting in the arena - each point you take in the arena gives you 50 devotion points. So victory is 100 and loss is 50. If you win all your free daily fights you will max this. Note that Ancient arena fights does not count here.                 

        You can also review players from the rooster by tapping on their avatars. A small menu will appear containing 2 buttons - view and add contact. View will open the player screen with his first team in the Wharf displayed as well as link to his relics and emblems and his nobility rank. Add contact will send request to that player to add him to your contact list for private chats. UI wise there is problem with those buttons - they are small and close to each other and arranged vertically. It is very easy to click “Add contact” when you just wanted to click “View”, so be careful.

        Guild statistics

        On the left side of the screen you can see some guild stats. Name of the guild, current level, server rank and member count. And in the same area also are located the Quit and Help (?) buttons. Quit will allow you to leave the guild after confirmation. It will also warn you that you will not be able to benefit from Treasure raid if you join new guild the same day. If I am not wrong the same rule applies and for Wharf Demon boss. So when you leave your guild choose the day wisely. The Help button will show helpful information about Devotion and Guild rules.

        Guild Devotion and level

        The Blue bar ;found in the upper part of the screen shows current guild devotion progress and the requirements for the next level. This is the total guild devotion gathered from all current and past members of the guild while there were in it.

        Guilds starts with limit of 15 members. Each 2 levels that limit is increased up to 25 extra members as max guild level is 50 (this max level is derived from logic - treasure raid have only 50 rewards, as my guild has not reached it yet). Additional 10 members can be gain with research in Research center to total 50 members maximum. As I have stated my guild have not yet reached max level but the same logic shows us that guild will need presumably 10 milion devotion for level 50. If someone can confirm that I will be grateful.

        Daily quest called “Guild Activist” is available for Devotion. You need to make 600 devotion and will be rewarded 20 exp and 1 EXP Potion(M).

        Guild Devotion rewards chest

        Based on the daily devotion gathered from all the players in the guild you will be able to claim up to 3 rewards in here. The button to open the rewards screen looks like a treasure chest and is located in the upper right corner next to the devotion bar.

        Reward screen.

        So daily you get 3 rewards.

  •                                         On 10 000 points - 2x Runestones (green - can be used in runes up to level 10 and grant 50 rune points), 30 000 gold and 30 Guild Tokens used in the guild shop.                 

  •                                         On 20 000 devotion point you will be able to claim 3x Excellent Runestones (blue - can be used in runes up to level 20 and grant 50 rune points), 40 000 gold and 50 Guild Tokens.                 

  •                                         On 40 000 devotion you will be able to claim 4x Refined Runestones (purple - can be used in runes up to level 30 and grant 50 rune points), 50 000 gold and 70 Guild Tokens.                


  •                                         Leader - the guild leader have full authority over the guild. He can kick members, approve applications, promote members and change the billboard text. He can also promote the guild in the global chat channel.                

  •                                         Vice leader - have almost the same power as the leader aside from promotion permissions.                

  •                                         Members - pretty much have no roles.                

        Abdication rule

        If the guild leader becomes inactive for 72 hours the role of leader will be transferred automatically to the next top player - guild rank and level. This ensures that there will be no dead guilds if the leader decides for some reason not to play anymore (it happens a lot in lower ranked guild)

        Camp         The mercenary camp is one of the important benefits of been in a guild. Every player in the guild can place up to 2 heroes to be hired from his guildmates. The minimum amount of time for mercenary to serve is 30 min and I have not found max if there is any.

        Based on the heroes statistics - BR, the hero will gain gold overtime and store it, that gold can be claimed when the hero is recalled from the camp.


        Camp screen with 2 heroes.
        Recalling hero.

        Also each hero can be hired up to 5 times daily. Each hire gives quite the amount of gold. The person that does the hire will not give the gold. So in fact the game pays for the mercenaries.

        Mercenary heroes can be used in Wharf, Gold Trial, Hero Trial and Relic dungeon. You can hire only one hero per fight and hire each player heroes only once a day. Say your friend have strong Headless Horseman and you hire it for Hero Trial. Then suddenly you need Headless Horseman in Wharf but you will not be able to hire him from the same friend. Fortunately you can hire other Headless Horseman if there is one. In the relic dungeon there are additional rules about heroes but they are not the topic of this guide.


        Selecting hero for your formation.

        Used hero in mercenary Camp.

        One last rule that I am not 100% sure is the level restriction of the heroes you can hire. I don\'t think there is a minimum level but i think that you can\'t hire heroes more than 10 levels higher than your league level. I had this in my early days when I was part of small guild that had few stronger players.

        So now that you know the rules here are some tips:

  •                                         Mercenaries are valuable resource and you should treat them as such. Don`t waste PVE hire unless you are sure you won\'t need the same hero in Wharf.                

  •                                         When you determine what hero to place in the camp check what Hero and Gold trial day it is. If it is a mage trial in hero trial and you have strong mages maybe put them for hire. If it is a single target Gold Trial place your high assassins or if it is AOE place your AOE heroes.                

  •                                         Never place weak heroes - they won\'t get hired and you will not gain much gold from the passive income.                

  •                                         You should check from time to time your camp to see if any of the heroes have been hired 5 times or not at all. In the first case recall and add some other hero so guildies and you can benefit even more. In the case none of them been hired at all you can either persist or consider changing the hero. Here you should know what is the prime time of your guild and when it is most likely heroes to be hired, so you don\'t jump the gun early.                

  •                                         Check regularly what are the available heroes in your guild and draw the conclusions from that. You can check them in the Guild mercenaries tab in the Camp. Iif you see commonly 15 Night Sentinels try to add other hero unless your Night Sentinel is in the top 5 BR wise. (Side note: Night Sentinel is extremely popular hero my guild have many constantly in the Camp that at one point i decided to get the other 3 Arena heroes first.) If you see lack of tanks maybe add one. Experiment to find out what your guild mates will need. Each guild have its own dynamic.                

  •                                         You can always ask your stronger guildies for specific hero in the chat. You need insanity tank for hard Relic dungeon fight or maybe specific DPS hero, just ask they will not say no to extra gold if they are online.                

  •                                         If you have done all your important battles for the day and you have available hires in Wharf (hires in Wharf are limited based on guild research), in the weakest fights that you know you will win even with 4 heroes you can hire some of the weaker heroes in the camp to help you leveling guildies. As a rule of thumb try to use all Wharf hires each day, but do not waste top heroes, others might really need them.                

  •                                         Unless for Wharf, as stated above, there are no limitation of the hire amount in the other zones. That mean that in each fight in Gold and Hero trial and in the Relic dungeon you can hire heroes. Keep in mind that you can hire each hero only once a day no matter the zone you hire him. In the Relic dungeon in each stage you can use specific hero only once, been that hero yours or a mercenary. If you have weak Elder Dwarf but you need a strong one hire him but remember that you will not be able to use the Elder Dwarf you own in the same stage.                

  •                                         In the camp heroes are ordered by BR but in the hire window they are ordered by level. It is common the higher level heroes to have more BR but it is not always the case so check what you hire.                

        Daily quest called “Hero Leasing” is available for the Camp. The quest ask that you accredit 1 hero and will reward 30 exp and 5000 gold. Pretty much what you need to do is recall one of your heroes and place him back again or other hero in his place.
        Guild Shop
        The guild shop is the place where you spend your hard earned guild tokens - the purple crystals. You can earn guild tokens in 2 ways. As mentioned above from the Guild devotion rewards - up to 150 every day and in Wharf. Wharf rewards tokens in two ways. Each day on server reset, 05.00 each morning, you will be sent 2 ingame mails containing rewards that include guild tokens. One of the reward is based on your guild rank in the Wharf and the other is based on your personal rank. The second way you can gain tokens is during demon boss invasions 2 times a week. Tokens are given based on damage done to the boss. More about Wharf will be coming in later guide. The tokens are pretty uncommon and hard to earn in all stages of the game.

        From the shop you can get soul shards for 3 heroes - Elder Dwarf, Astral Child and Soul Slinger - 500 tokens each stack of 5 soul shards. First 2 are tanks - Elder Dwarf as main tank and Astral Child as off-tank/support. More detailed guide for those heroes you can find in here - “A Guide to “Good” Heroes/Team Compositions- TANKS and OFF-TANKS” . Soul Slinger is a mage with high single attack and rage starvation secondary skill. I strongly recommend that you max out Elder Dwarf first as he is one of the best tanks in all stages in the game.
        After the souls you have one Rune Crystal(M) for the price of 100 tokens. That crystal gives 250 rune point when used. You should get the crystal each day the moment you are capable of buying all the hero souls you need or you have already done with them.

        After this you have random assortment of items and item shards that can be purchased. The quality of the items is determined by the level of your league and your luck. In later game you will be able to use the guild store as secondary line for acquiring items.

        The shop resets each day at 21.00. Additionally you can reset the shop with diamonds - 50 for the first reset and scaling up after that.


  •                                         At the beginning start by collecting Elder Dwarf souls. Use all your tokens for that and max him to 5 stars. If you are in a nice guild and you are active you will be able to claim more than 500 tokens daily. That means that often enough you will have tokens to get the souls twice by resetting the shop once. Demon boss being the biggest token boost will allow you to even get more souls. Play it smart and use only one reset daily to lower the overall diamonds cost, and keep the leftover tokens for the next day. That tip can be used on any hero you want to get faster.                

  •                                         On later games get the Rune Crystal(M) each reset - cost almost nothing but helps. And don\'t waste diamond for reset just for the crystal.                

  •                                         When you are at the stage of buying items consider what you need for your planned heroes and don\'t just spend tokens on whatever is available. The better items cost more so you can stock pile some tokens and wait patiently for what you need.                

        Research Center
        Unlocks at guild level 15.

        Research Center screen.

        In the research center the guild can level up guild wide bonuses for guild buildings. There are 5 buildings that can be upgraded and each guild player have 5 gold and 3 diamond donations daily. The gold donation cost 40 000 where the diamonds are 250 diamonds. Each donation gives 3 exp in the research used and also rewards the player with 300 loot (used to determine nobility rank). To sum up each day 200 000 gold will be and should be used by each player of the guild and the players will be rewarded for that with 1500 loot. I strongly advise that you do research each day since nobility is a lot harder to come by than gold in any stage of the game. More about the nobility system later in this guide.

        Donation Screen.

        Researchable upgrades:
        1.Hall - in here you have 2 upgrades.

  •                                         Member Expand - max level 10. Each level gives 1 extra member for the guild. It is advisable that this research field is maxed.                

  •                                         Output boost - each level increases the Wharf islands output with 1%. I don\'t know if there is max level here, if someone can confirm it will be great. This boost enhances both exploitation reward and daily rank reward.                

        2. Training ground - 2 upgrades for research.

  •                                         EXP.Boost - 5% boost per level for the exp given in the Training ground                

  •                                         Gold Boost - 5% boost per level for the gold received from the Training ground                

        3. Camp - 2 upgrades for research

  •                                         Troop Strength - 2% increase of attack, defense, HP and agility for all guild mercenaries per level                

  •                                         Troop Contract - adds 1 mercenary use per level in Wharf.                

        4. Feast Hall - 2 upgrades

  •                                         Feast Discount - 3% reduce of diamond price per level for feasts                

  •                                         Sauce Master - adds extra stamina for feasts depending on the feast. ;                

        5. Wharf ;- 3 upgrades

  •                                         Attacker Buff - 1% increase of attack, defense, HP and agility as attacker in Wharf battles per level                

  •                                         Defender Buff - 1% increase of attack, defense, HP and agility as defender in Wharf per level                

  •                                         Demon Killer - 2% increase of attack during Demon lord invasions per level                

        Guild research should be done as a team - that mean all players focused on single research to make it level up faster. What should be researched is matter of guild opinion, where I suggest guild member count to be maxed and wharf related research to be with higher priority.

        Daily quest called “Guild Donation” is available for the Research Center. The quest asks that you donate once and will reward you with 30 exp and 5000 gold.

        Monument of Honor         Monument of Honor is the place where you can monitor your nobility progres. Nobility system deserves a detailed guide on its own but to sum up it is a system of ranks where each rank gives specific passive perks to the player. Also each rank enables daily quest that rewards diamonds, gold and some rune stones. You can claim 1 quest daily for the highest rank that you are currently. Nobility is leveled with loot earned in Wharf and Research center. You can have a look and see what is there to come as bonuses.

        Note: More detailed guide will be added in later date specifically for the Nobility system. Altho the system is rather passive the guide will contain details about each rank and perks and comments over them.
        Billboard         On the billboard the guild leaders can leave messages for the members to read. Only 1 message at a time, with no history and limited space, is allowed. So guild leaders use it wisely. It is worth mentioning that the guild message will be seen by players that are looking to join the guild so it can be used and as recruitment tool.
        Feast Hall         Feast hall allow players to throw feast that will reward stamina for the participants and extra chest reward for the player that started the feast.

        Feast hall screen.

        There are 2 type of feasts:

  •                                         Ordinary feast - up to 4 players can participate in this feast. The price depends on guild research and starts from 300 diamonds. The player that starts the feast will receive extra stamina and Ordinary Feast Chest containing 60 000 gold, 20 Exp potions (L) and 1-3 soulstones for Blood Baroness.                

  •                                         Luxury feast ;- up to 6 players. Requires VIP 4. Again price depends on guild research but if i am not mistaken starts from 1250 diamonds. The luxury feast gives 3 times more stamina than the ordinary feast. The person that starts the feast will get double the stamina than the rest plus Luxury fest chest containing 150 000 gold, 20 EXP Potions(L) and 1-5 soulstones for Dark Paladin.                

        With each new feast that the player starts the price will get increased - second Ordinary feast cost 600 diamonds. This resets daily.

        In both sizes feast any of the participant can add sauce to the meal for 6000 gold increasing the stamina received by 3. There is a limit of 5 sauces that can be added.

        A feast continues 15 minutes and during that time players participating can`t join other feasts (not that I have seen many simultaneous feasts).

        There are 3 slots total for feasts and 3 is the total feasts that can be held at the same time.


  •                                         If you are looking to collect Blood Barrones ordinary feast are the fastest way. Even if you are f2p player you can start a feast from time to time altho there are better uses for your diamonds.                 

  •                                         If you are going to start feast check in the Guild Hall if there are other players that will benefit from it. Don`t start feast just for you alone. Most of the players are active between 20:00 and 21:00 before the arena resets. Advertise your feasts in guild chat as well.                 

  •                                         If you join a feast at least have the curtesy to add as much sauce as possible.                 

  •                                         Guild leaders can organize events and as reward start luxury feast for the winners and such.                 

  •                                         Feast are excellent way to get extra stamina. The stamina is received via ingame mail that can stay up to 3 days before expiring. So you can keep your feast rewards gained during the weekend for double drop rate mondays in order to get some extra items.                

        Training Ground         In the training ground you can boost up to 2 guild members - 1 hero each. You can also receive 2 boosts max. The heroes need to be in the training section in order to be visible. For your troubles you will receive gold from the game.
        The exp boost and gold reward are determined by guild research levels.



        When you enter the training ground on the right you will see list of players and status if they are available for boosting. Players are ordered by level from top to bottom. When you click on player you will be sent to his training ground where you simply need to click one of his heroes to boost him. You will do good to remember the rough amount of exp boosted and see if the hero you boost won\'t get maxed with said amount - the hero can\'t go above the player maximum hero level. (Note: early in the game heroes can go above league level, but at some point league level becomes the cap.) ;If so you simply waste your boost and maybe some other hero is more suitable for boosting. Try not to miss boosting players.
        A daily quest called “Mutual Acceleration” is available for the Training ground. The quest asks that you boost 2 member and will reward 30 exp and 5000 gold.

        On the right side of the screen you will see log of players that have boosted you and when the boost have passed.

        Treasure Raid         Requires player level 45

        In the Treasure raid the guild as a team attacks 7 bosses of great strength. There are 15 chapters in total and for clearing a chapter there are 50 rewards that can be claimed - one reward per player max. Rewards are the same for all chapters. Treasure raid resets daily.

        Treasure raid on its own is a big topic and deserves separate guide.

        Wharf         Unlocks at guild level 22.

        Wharf is a guild activity related to looting and fighting over islands in the see while competing with other guilds, from yours or other servers, of similar strength.

        Since Wharf on his own is a huge topic separate guide will be created for it.

        Final words         I hope you have found this collection of facts useful. If you have any comments or more tips on any of the discussed aspects in this guide feel free to share them and they will be added.
        Kind Regards


        Server: [EU20]Phoebe

        P.S. This is my first attempt to write guide for League of Angels: Fire Raiders and I am not a native english speaker so please excuse any mistakes I have in my grammar.
        P.P.S. Screenshots are from my guild. Not really

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