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        As you may have come to learn and find out, I have been following the development and tracking of the game for a long time. Long enough to tell you things and see that the results of what I am telling you have worked. Now listen to me as I describe a few things that are impossible obstacles to overcome in your game. You will definitely want to pay attention and keep your eyes and ears focused on these at all times.
        1. ) Without being in a guild it is impossible to obtain enough time skip scrolls to rebirth your hero. Include adequate time skip scrolls in your game to allow for all players who choose to not be a member of a guild to be able to achieve the same rebirth as any other player. (IMG1)    a.) Remove the limit to purchase Time Skip Scrolls from the Vouchers Shop.    b.) Make the price for Time Skip Scrolls cost equal amount of Vouchers for every player.    c.) Reduce the price requirement to evolve heroes in the Drills if a or b is not accepted.
        2. ) House of Cards Locked Cards : In this game House of Cards, you have created a permanent lock to prevent players from gaining excessive amounts of points on cards over a few of the cards in the player deck. This in turn has come to be a method of bulk collection of impossible obstacles in the game that must be addressed from a standpoint of corporate greed and corruption. While your intentions are good and valid from a viewpoint that exists to be one sided, you have failed to remedy a situation where it exists a blockade on players that own multiple versions of very high point cards. The following cards must be unlocked at your discretion to allow for fairness amongst players of all types in the game regardless of the status of their payment priority or not.
3. ) Where it exists the inclusion of several items of interest are inserted into the game and left abandoned by time that are forgotten by the ex-staff members that were terminated for malicious cause. Items in the inventory that are useless and do not have any way of removing such items from the inventory system in one\'s own character. Once these items are in the inventory it has become an impossible obstacle to overcome in any account or character of the game. The following are just are few examples of what items exist that are as such, abandoned or forgotten items. This is not a full list however, there are also items that not every player is privileged to own due to the age of the account of the owner of the character or the fact that the item was only included into the game on a one time basis. This problem needs direct attention because it is directly relating to the speed at which the database is growing and the reducing rate at which the database is being optimized. These items are no longer of use or have been included in the inventory for so long that they have not been re-visited for a very long time. You must make a way for us to remove these items or trade them for other items. ) Godless Wolf Shard) Glory Badge) Corundum) Jade) Imperial Stallion Soul Shard ) Flame Rocket Shard ) Mecha Tyrannosaurus Soul Shard ) Tyrannosaurus Soul Shard ) Sapphire ) Royal Unicorn Soul Shard




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