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Polls EventWhich one better relic to put on my pamela? attach_img born2die 2017-3-3 2/520 rosinante 2017-03-03
Polls EventVIP with Diamonds 新人帖 clayton brogan... 2016-4-11 26/9504 lucasian 2017-03-01
Polls Event6th formation slot for another hero ? amarin 2016-9-11 4/2672 rosinante 2017-02-26
Polls EventBest Mythic Hero zangetsu 2017-2-17 7/1309 felipe mcrmy 2017-02-26
Polls EventHero evo pack exchange 新人帖 artur borovik 2017-2-25 0/482 artur borovik 2017-02-25
Polls EventWe want mounts to be cheaper 33% down atleast!! ikaeksen ratza... 2017-1-25 3/880 mae s281 2017-02-21
Polls EventSHOULD I SELL MY KIDNEY TO RECHARGE? attach_img born2die 2017-2-19 6/801 namine~ 2017-02-20
Polls Eventwould like to know what item are available for an event 3 days before the event johndegrazier 2017-2-17 2/920 johndegrazier 2017-02-18
Polls EventNA/EU Dev vs China Dev are you worth it? stalkster 2017-2-2 5/903 mk472009 2017-02-17
Polls EventAngel of victory should have skin and evo amcjcp 2017-2-15 2/486 amcjcp 2017-02-17
Polls EventSuper Rewards for Events johndegrazier 2017-2-12 7/971 kbwerx 2017-02-17
Polls EventHOW MANY REAL PLAYERS ON YOUR SERVER? attach_img voiliermaeva 2017-2-11 8/991 mk472009 2017-02-16
Polls EventDo servers need merger?? ikaeksen ratza... 2016-12-1 17/1570 ikaeksen ratza... 2017-02-14
Polls EventMake elite to legendary heros vipinletterbox 2017-1-21 4/712 amberarkanis 2017-02-14
Polls EventShould Charm Star Event give extra stars to those that gift others? kharnatex 2016-11-10 8/623 kristo cay 2017-02-13
Polls EventDUAL R9 RUNES mrcln1 2017-1-6 2/1193 in_ka87 2017-02-13
Polls Eventnew runes should be made? azuron 2017-2-8 4/611 darky498 2017-02-12
Polls EventDo you use little helper for X-server ? 新人帖 qwert1060 2016-9-21 13/1757 in_ka87 2017-02-12
Polls EventWhat would you rather have in the Mall? abxsajzsuzv0n1... 2017-1-24 11/1238 mk472009 2017-02-07
Polls EventLucas or Hela jaquantaylor.n... 2017-2-5 2/691 holynoob 2017-02-06


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