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Polls EventNew truce time should be added to current time, not replaced 新人帖 patchplays (-_... 2019-6-20 23/9103 hobbes1 2021-12-11
Polls EventStop merit hunting by changing transnational relocation rule loonymonster 2021-8-30 3/1898 sk4rlet 2021-11-21
Polls EventDo you want the option to start Rally as a player who joined the rally? xdartvaderx 2021-5-24 1/785 sk4rlet 2021-05-26
Polls EventWOULD YOU CHOOSE 'NO SAME SERVER PLAYER ATTACKS' ? southwolf04.10... 2020-9-10 5/2751 thunderfury 2021-03-14
Polls EventWhich GoT character do you want as Commander? 新人帖 kaidan the bro... 2019-6-8 34/5288 sk4rlet 2021-03-10
Polls Eventthe new lord 新人帖 attachment want marriage 2020-12-11 1/907 babyphd 2021-02-13
Polls EventTime to change Alliance Mobilisation for something less tedious whitelight_ill... 2020-12-4 1/967 sk4rlet 2020-12-08
Polls EventRecruitment Pass - Pass or Fail? 2020-10-31 4/639 southwolf04.10... 2020-11-05
Polls EventRebel leader and Group reset gormadoc 2020-10-1 1/710 babyphd 2020-10-10
Polls EventSound Warnings When Getting Attacked / Scouted junga 2019-7-2 5/2288 southwolf04.10... 2020-09-10
Polls EventShould there be a truce automatically applied after you get attacked? 新人帖 boon how3 2019-6-18 17/5042 Simona Ionescu 2020-09-01
Polls EventMercenary System abxy9zdqcbiqr3... 2019-9-30 3/1279 mahazona 2020-07-16
Polls EventAdd multiplayer! currently its all bots foster_991 2019-6-30 3/2107 babyphd 2020-07-07
Polls EventCLAN ALLIANCE lanzadios 2020-5-14 1/787 babyphd 2020-05-20
Polls EventEvent suggestion! AC split by BR 新人帖 jenass2 2020-4-19 4/1002 skelheaton 2020-04-30
Polls Eventsend crystals to other players 新人帖 elekochla 2020-4-15 4/801 babyphd 2020-04-21
Polls EventPLZ VOTE > MAKE WEIRWOOD-X2 REGULAR EVENT southwolf04.10... 2020-2-28 8/880 babyphd 2020-03-28
Polls EventInstant attack feature for rallies on players 新人帖 Fooly Man 2020-2-28 3/556 pastdark 2020-03-06
Polls EventPOLL - START SOME LIMITED PVP SERVERS southwolf04.10... 2019-12-20 1/677 jgld1 2020-01-02
Polls EventCosts for festival in Königsmund 新人帖 vermietung84 2019-12-2 1/666 skelheaton 2019-12-03


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