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Just a suggestion bout guild

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Just a suggestion bout guild Reply:1| View:425
Saw so many ppl quited the game in my server. I tried to ask them why they quit. Some of them said, its because they cant sit in the top of BR rank. Some said they have no more desire in playing, if their guild doesnt have a plunder (this happened after merge, for some ppl that not allowed to join stronger guild cz their BR not met the requirement). and the rests are get bored coz everyone is just so busy higher up BR and saving diaz (that would be me).

A guy in the prev thread talk bout "team based" stuff which i totally agree. Thanks to him, after read his thread i got some idea. Heres the thread:
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The thing is, which i agree with him, no body wants play alone. Even the highest br in your server.haha. This game is, believe or not, largely depends on community. Friends, foes, guild, all ppl in your server, etc. I dont think top ten in br rank will keep play if everybody below them quit.haha. less friend= less fun, less foe= less fun, less guild= u can check ur guild war.lolz

What he propose bout "team play" things, could be one good thing. Instead all player chase to be the strongest in the server, they can choose to be one good team in some team play mode. As i experienced in battle royale, my Phantom Revenant "heal skill" helped my guild defeat some stronger team. Indeed not far stronger, haha. But hey, that's a joyful xperience to have (at least for me,if u dont agree).

Hopefully, in the next 21th desember update, there will be more "team based stuff".lolz. But will need battle royale again to make it useful.lolz.

To mod/dev, If i may, i want to give another suggestion about guild thing. I was wondering will be nice if guild wars replaced by league of guilds that cross server. Instead of weekly guild wars, why dont we make it cross server.

A league, like any sport league, it should have divisions, score table, rank, etc. One season probably for 2-3 months. Have division promote and relegation in the end of season. If theres new guild (some server maybe) put them into new created division, or play off, or something similar.

Guild achievement/throne room.haha. That maybe just showing list of what rank of all season, how many times u win in seasons, or guilds kill. Or just up and down division notes from the past. But thats nice i think, reminding u of what youve been through with ur guild.

Just like sport league. With this, many ppl will meet each other and you saved your community also. By make all of them gather in one event. Give them something to gossip too you know (beside highest br of all server,hey ste1ght, dont come back) haha.

Also, with this thing, i guess many small guild (like mine) have other thing to climb, instead of being no 1 br or guild in their server, we can do some good fight and have a good reason to get stronger even though we cant be the strongest.

I know it wont be an easy task to build something like this. New rt pvp mode= new server comp, new things to keep, new bugs, etc,haha. But i hope u consider it as i questioning my self how many more months ill keep LOD game on my phone.

Best regards.


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Dear Guardian,

Thank you for your continuous interest in our game. We are happy to hear any feedback players may have. I will surely forward this to our developers. Lets hope that some of this suggestions would be put into considerations and implemented in the near future I agree that it would give the game a new purpose than just gaining power ^^

Best Regards,
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  • Hope this put into implementation. I really looking forward this to happen.haha.
    2017-12-24 23:36  Reply

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