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SUPPORT: A Guide to support

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SUPPORT: A Guide to support Reply:2| View:4131
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Dear Warriors, We always want to help you with any issues you might be experiencing and we have several different platforms for you to use to request support. This guide will provide you with some good-to-know information about where you can turn to get support; which platform you should use to report certain issues; what information to include in your reports and what to do if you don't get the help you need.

            Support ticket               
How do you open a support ticket?
A support ticket can be opened in-game (Go to Settings -> Personal -> Customer service) or through the webticket system.

What issues can be handled by support?
We strongly advice you to raise support tickets for all issues you might experience for one simple reason: when you submit a support ticket the support team will get all your character information straight away and it is much easier for them to help you.
You are always welcome to reach out to our moderator team with questions and concerns and we will assist you to our best efforts, there are certain types of issues which always need to be reported through a support ticket.

  • All recharge related issues;
    Example: You didn't get recharge rewards but money was withdrawn or you're unable to recharge)
    Mandatory information: Character name; Server; GPA number; Recharged amount; Date and time of recharge, and if you are unable to recharge you should always include the error message/error description.
  • All issues concerning missing rewards and lost items;
    Example: You participated in an event but didn't get the correct rewards, you did not get compensation although it was promised, you participated in a Facebook/Forum/Survery event and didn't receive the rewards.
    Mandatory information: Character name; Server; Event Name and time; Rank; Screenshots (evidence); Information about what rewards you expected vs what rewards you received.
    Note: If you're reporting isses with lost items you need to be able to provide the item name and a timereference for when you last saw it.
  • Reports about cheating, bullying, harassment and spam;
    Mandatory information: Your character name and Server; the character name and Server of the player you wish to report; Description of what happened and when; screenshots/video proving your statement.
  • A major bug/issue which is affecting a lot of players.
    Example: Unable to sign in, Unable to join events in-game, Unable to claim rewards, Suspected hacker attack or anything similar which is affecting more than one player).
    Include as much information as possible in the ticket, talk to other players and include their information as well. If it is possible we strongly suggest that you provide screenshots and preferably videos of the issue (You can upload video recordings on for example, and include the link in the ticket description).
  • Complaints/Suggestions
    On a frequent basis there are available surveys on Facebook and/or in-game which you can use to submit your feedback and thoughts on updates and features. In addition to this you can open a ticket with the category "Suggestion" or "Complaint" and our support team will review it.
  • Bug reports

But ... What if you don't get a response from support?
Our support team aims to reply to all tickets within 2 business days but depending on the incoming ticket volume there might be delays.
If you did not receive a response within 3 business days (Monday - Friday) you can reach out to our moderator team either by posting here in our Forum (Support section) or in our Facebook page (Preferable as a fan post to the page and not as a comment to a published post). You're also welcome to reach out to our moderators in Discord.
To assist you with what we call a "Delayed ticket", we always need the following information from you:
  • Your Character name;
  • Your Server;
  • The ticket reference number;
  • Date the ticket was submitted.
Once we have this information we can escalate the ticket to the support team who will review it as soon as possible.


A perfect place to interact with other players, discuss tactics and ask for advice or guidence! Our moderators are always looking at the threads and posts and will help out as much as they can.
In addition to submitting a ticket (always open a ticket in parallel to get personal feedback and alert the support team) for bug reports, you can post about it in our forum to have it reviewed by a moderator. In order for us to be able to forward it to the development team we will need detailed information from you.

When reporting a bug (Any feature or functionality no longer working or not working as intended), you should always include;  
  • a good description of the issue;
  • when and where it occurred;
  • your Character name and Server (if possible you can also include other players ID and Servers if they have experienced it as well);
  • and most importantly-  a video and/or screenshot showing the issue.

Our Facebook page is the most frequently used platform for players to report issues; give feedback; ask for help/advice; engage in discussions and get the latest information about updates, on-going events or important announcements.
The moderator team will always prioritise support related questions! However, most of the time we get very little details from players who comments or post on the Facebook page, this makes it difficult to follow-up or take action on the reported issue.
For us to be able to help you we always need;
  • your Character name;
  • Server;
  • a good, detailed, description of the issue.
... and if you're reporting a bug you should always consider including a screenshot/video in the comment as well!

Facebook announcement - On-going major bug
When there is a bigger issue going on which is affecting a lot of players, we usually get a Facebook post published as soon as possible.
If you want to help with an investigation and solving the issue you should include your Character name and Server + Screenshots/Video in your comments.
By providing this information we can quickly forward it straight to the developers working on the issue and they will get a much better understanding of problem and the impact!

I hope this guide will be helpful and I know that issues/questions from you will be handled must faster if all the necessary information is provided in the original report.

Much love and thank you for your support

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Why i cant top up??

Im using telecom format it say 1,100 php needed. And i load it up. But it says unsuccessfully charge i have picture of screen shoot from my phone. My load balance and the diamonds i want to top up
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 safetygilbertb... Last edit in 2018-10-6 17:37:17

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Hello safetygilbertbago

Please be advised that this section is for posting Offical Announcements and News for our players to be able to keep updated with any official information.

If you are still experiencing an issue, please use the correct section of the forum, called Bug&Support, however if it is regarding a payment issue, when it comes to "real money", moderators, unfortunately, cannot help you.

Thus, all recharge issues require a support ticket, which you can create here
When creating the ticket, please include your
- Character name (case sensitive)
- Server number
- Screenshots (if possible)

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Thank you for playing and supporting us!

Best wishes,

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 seren. Last edit in 2018-10-7 21:27:42

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