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Marriage (The ball and chain guide)

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Marriage (The ball and chain guide) Reply:0| View:2522
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Marriage (The ball and chain guide)

Players are able to marry other players or NPCs regardless of gender or roles.

Players can only be married or engaged to one person or one NPC at any given time but can file for divorce if things do not work out.


Players need to reach level 300 and acquire a proposal token before proposing to someone.

Using different proposal tokens will get different wedding pack including different wedding rings after the marriage.  
Marrying will Grant your wedding Ring +40% Bonus attributes and also unlocks exclusive marriage skills.

    - Friend Proposal:

     Players can choose to marry a friend regardless of their gender or roles.
     The optional proposal token including Unforgettable Wish, Until Death and Lifelong Feeling.
     Marrying a friend can be done with Rubies.  To chose this feature you need to purchase the following from the Ruby Store.

Using Until Death will only get 7 days wedding clothes and title.

get the permanent One Heart Forever wedding clothes and title,  use the Lifelong Feeling to make the proposal.

Based on the Item you purchase will determine the Ring and presents you get

Unforgettable wish
     Lovers Discourse Wedding Ring and Fireworks

Until Death
     Rose affair Wedding Ring Married Partners Costume (Valid for 7- days) Married partners Title (Valid for 7 days) and Fireworks

Lifelong Feelings
     Starry Dream Wedding Ring, Permanent Married Partners Costume, Permanent Married partners Title, Fancy fireworks and Fancy Wedding Ring Development Pack

    - Elysian Proposal:

     Choose to marry an Elysian, the Love After Rebirth is the only option of proposal token.  With this option comes the permanent One Heart Forever wedding clothes and title as well.

    You will require one of the following items:

Love After Rebirth
     Live Long Wedding Ring, Permanent Married Partners Costume, Permanent Married partners Title, Fancy fireworks and Fancy Wedding Ring Development Pack

Now once you have decided on your Proposal Type you can move to the next step

Wedding Reservations & Invite Guests

Wedding Planning

There are three types of weddings
     Normal Wedding – Cost 388 Rubies
     Lively Wedding – Cost 1488 Rubies
     Fancy Wedding – Cost 8888 Diamonds

As well as the wedding type, players also need to reserve a proper time for the wedding ceremony.

Please be aware :
     It is important for you and your partner to attend the wedding ceremony on time, otherwise, you will have to reserve a wedding again which will cause additional costs.
     If the Engagement is cancelled before the wedding, the reservation will also be cancelled.      
     Spent Rubies and diamonds will not be returned if the Marriage Fails.
     The ceremony can only be set for the 3 Days Following the current day and Both partners need to be online at the time of the wedding.
     Only the one, who Proposed, can make the wedding arrangements.

Click on the Arrow to see current friends, from here you may pick one to send a marriage proposal.  The marriage proposal will need to be accepted.

After the wedding reservation, players will be able to invite their friends to take part in the wedding.

The amount of invitation players can send is limited by the wedding type they choose.
  • Normal Wedding = 5 Guests
  • Lively Wedding = 10 Guests
  • Fancy Wedding = 15 Guests

The lateness of the guest will not influence the wedding ceremony.

Once your Guests have been invited, both wedding parties will be sent a reminder of the Date and Time of the wedding.

Wedding Ceremony

Once both parties enter in the ceremony on TIME, the wedding will proceed, with the elysian performing the ceremony.

During the wedding ceremony, players should not exit the Holy Cathedral or log out of the game before the wedding animation is over.

After the oath and hug, the newlyweds along with the guests will be able to grab the desserts and cakes on the tables to get rewards.

You’re married, now the party ensues. The feast consists of 5 stages each taking about 2 minutes, in which food spawns on the 6 tables (for a lively wedding) players are able to move around and claim them. These provide rewards containing flowers to upgrade your wedding ring and Peculiar One Fireworks which provide Merriment.

Players can shoot different kinds of fireworks to enliven the wedding ceremony, and grant some merriment. Great prizes can be expected when the feast merriment reaches 520, 1314 and 3344!

Remember :  If you don’t make it in on time and Miss it this will happen

So you have been warned.

During the Feast party, you can use items to increase merriment that provides bonus rewards at 520, 1314, and the max of 3520.  The only way to buy these is in the Wedding Shop with DIAMONDS.

The Wedding Feast rewards are :

Wedding Ring

There are upgradeable wedding rings with bonuses.

Apocalypse which increases attack and Crit (Red Rose)

Resolution which increases Hit Points and Resilience (Green Orchid)

Blessed which increases Defence and Dodge (Blue Forget-Me-Not)

There are 3 levels of crafting materials granting (approximately) 30, 180 and 900 EXP to their respective bonus.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, couples will get new wedding ring skills, the buffs while battling the forces of evil, along with the ability to teleport next to your partner (teleport is ineffective for Elysian Marriage).

There are 5 skills :

     Inseparable - Teleport

    Of One Mind - + 5% Experience from monsters

     Interconnected - Recover 5% Hp every 30 seconds

     Phoenix Dance - 150% damage to 3 nearby enemies every 50 seconds

     Dragon Soul - Increase ATK by 10% every 30 seconds, lasts 5 seconds

Demonic Jungle (Love Instance)

To Gain More Items to upgrade your Wedding Ring we have given you a Wedding Event called DEMONIC JUNGLE

There are 3 Difficulties EASY / NORMAL / HARD

You can enter the instance with your Spouse to ensure efficient clearing and gaining Max Rewards

Based on the Difficulty you select, will depend on what reward you will Receive




To enter a particular difficulty Level will require certain Levels:
     EASY - 450
     Normal - SP50
     HARD - SP150

Slaying monsters within the required Time Increases the Boss Difficulty.

May your Marriage be long and Prosperous and May you grow from Strength to Strength each day


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