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分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.17.0 Moira and X-Server Guild (HKT servers) mikaelam 2019-8-26 15/2440 mirr7871 2019-09-15
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.19.0 New Mounts, New Companion Skin and Block Feature in x-server Chat mikaelam 2019-9-9 5/2058 abxlp_jud-pegp... 2019-09-13
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.18.0 New Divine Arma-Creator's Glory and Artifact Relic-Ancient Spite mikaelam 2019-9-2 15/2638 kamilbolt 2019-09-05
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.16.0 Added New Main Quests and New Stages mikaelam 2019-8-19 4/1676 ali3045737665 2019-08-20
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.15.0 Reduce the difficulty in Conquest and Castle Raiders mikaelam 2019-8-12 3/1590 daniel ruiz_63... 2019-08-14
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.14.0 - New Companion Raidra is coming soon! mikaelam 2019-8-5 4/1685 mike dourden 2019-08-06
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.13.0 Angel’s Anniversary, New Relic Key of the Crescent Moon mikaelam 2019-7-29 11/2276 Mary Joy Sierv... 2019-08-01
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.12.0 Improved rewards for Online Gift, Wailing Gate, and Weekly Quest mikaelam 2019-7-22 2/1491 d34thm4rk 2019-07-24
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventSpanish, Portuguese, Polish and Traditional Chinese Localization testers wan attach_img vita96 2019-6-11 220/42621 prize1979 2019-07-17
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.10.0 Timezone servers, New Ranks in The Luminaries and more materials mikaelam 2019-7-8 3/2236 delonse12 2019-07-12
分类置顶 Hide sticky threads EventUpdate V5.9.0 Augment Outfit and New Relic: Kiss of Tempest mikaelam 2019-7-1 6/2376 kamilbolt 2019-07-03

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EventNew ATK & SUP Artifact Divine Arma – Dragontooth mikaelam 2019-12-27 5/4948 deathsee 2020-01-06
EventMoira's Christmas Present 推荐 attach_img mikaelam 2019-12-22 185/48684 abxav3mav9f2d3... 2020-01-04
EventNew ATK Companion Descendant of Malevolence mikaelam 2019-11-19 4/2873 abwoggwig6qplc... 2020-01-03
EventBe a Santa on Gtarcade! mikaelam 2019-12-24 58/2973 m_ozdemir710 2020-01-03
EventJoin the Christmas Party at LoA III mikaelam 2019-12-24 10/4496 hassamqureshi1... 2020-01-01
Event【Community Event】Wishes for the upcoming New Year mikaelam 2019-12-27 27/1320 repinceli 2019-12-31
EventAngel Pass at the second half of December. mikaelam 2019-12-13 108/30251 abyfl0_pci2k7r... 2019-12-30
EventV5.29.0 New features: Ancient Treasures and Ancient Tasks, Reset First Recharge attach_img mikaelam 2019-12-11 15/1489 rassei 2019-12-25
Event【Community Event】Merry Christmas for all players! mikaelam 2019-12-20 51/3024 abwa8pt8op_9ym... 2019-12-23
EventNew Mythic ATK Companion Black Scorpion Blade is coming! mikaelam 2019-12-18 5/2866 teknoland2000 2019-12-21
EventDivine Arma Event 热帖 mikaelam 2018-12-7 29/17092 Fatih Can Günd... 2019-12-19
EventUpdate on Angel Pass at the first half of December! attachment mikaelam 2019-11-29 115/28750 Anglina Miller 2019-12-19
EventNew Artifact Relic – Lunar Radiance coming at Angel’s Treasure mikaelam 2019-12-13 4/3277 rugdex1 2019-12-18
EventPreview the Upcoming Gameplay mikaelam 2019-12-3 6/1089 s.ferries 2019-12-17
Event【Weekly Community Event】Christmas is coming soon attach_img mikaelam 2019-12-13 34/2018 thrysthrelle01 2019-12-16
EventThe Angel’s Carnival is coming with New Mythic Wings – Light of Alf mikaelam 2019-12-12 5/3021 dendencabangan... 2019-12-15
Event[Weekly Community Event] Answer the question and get rewards! mikaelam 2019-12-6 55/2083 abzniep3azhbzi... 2019-12-13
EventThe Mythic+ Support Hero – Vivian is coming mikaelam 2019-12-4 4/2749 Darius Sobel 2019-12-11
EventThe Flower of Magic ATK Mythic+ Hero – Helena is coming mikaelam 2019-11-20 5/3669 235220177 2019-12-09
EventUnlock The Mythic Wings – King’s Fall Wings mikaelam 2019-12-6 2/2920 alihan0374 2019-12-09


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