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this is my "how I win Zodiac battles with minimum Battle Rating"

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this is my "how I win Zodiac battles with minimu Reply:1| View:1372
        How I challenge ZODIAC

        This is how I boost my BR before doingZodiac. At first you need a lots o free time or use money to spend ondiamonds.

        As I mentioned you need a lots of freetime or diamonds to use if you don´t have free time then you don´tneed to read this.

        Equipment is about money. You need toearn a lots of millions or buy them with diamonds. After you havemoney upgrade your main character to max lvl not just yours but yourheroes as well. It helps a lot.

        In battle gems are very important. HPgems can boost your lifetime in battle not just your character butfor your heroes too.

  •                                         Berserkers need Patk gems        (attacking power) because they have big Hp but they don´t have much        power like Paladins have. I´m using Dodge, Hit, Patk, Pdef, Mdef        and Hp gems for Berserker.               

  •                                         Paladins have attacking power so I        think it´s good to use Hp gems because Pladins are strong for        attacks but need health.               

  •                                         I don´t know how it works for        Mystic of Sorcerers but it´s propably working like for Berserkers        or Paladins.               

  •                                         One have stronger attacking power        and one have higher Hp.               

  •                                         So for Mage who have stronger        attacking power it´s best to use your highest Hp gem for longer        lifetime in battle but don´t forget to include your Matk gem for        greater damage.               
                                            Important are Mdef and Pdef gems too.               

  •                                         For Mage who have much more Hp        it´s best to use Matk gems and boost your attacking power.               

        Best choice is to use your strongestangel. If you have angels that you don´t use and you´re at  lvlwhen you can use guardian angels use them as your guardian angels foryour character and  heroes. (It gives BR depending on guardian angellvl and boost stats.)
        You can get worship buff from yourangel. Collect 3 worship hearts from each angel and when you havehearts that you need for any kind of buff unlock it for 1day, 3days,5days or 7days or more.

        Marriage offers you some of BR bonus.You can get BR from rings. Which kind of ring you buy you´ll getthat bonus. (!!! Even if you´re not married you can still buy a ringand wear it !!!) It´s your choice to to buy different ring. You canbuy Alzurak ring Burning light ring or ring of Revelation. After youmarry you´ll get affection with partner. Higher affection lvl higherBR boost.

        Your mount will give some BR for yourcharacter. Better mount better BR you get.

        In training you use soul stones to boostyour heroes training lvl or mount training lvl. Each lvl your hero BRwill be upgraded. When it reaches lvl 3 Seraphim Blaze will beactivated and it it will boost up your training lvl and BR.

        You´ll get them using dragon chests byparticipating in TA. Higher lvl of cherubstones higher buff itgives for quardian angels.

        You can get honor by participating inCross Server. Earn 5 000 or 2 500 honor to get emblems they´ll helpyou in battle.

        When you beat Zodiac boss you canunlock their aegis. Upgrading each will give angel BR that you need.Each Aegis have special skill, that gives angel different skill inbattle. I´m using Cancer Aegis to daze enemy. It´s quiteuseful in battle.

        SET PARTY
        Set party as your Angel hallo givebonus for you. (It helps in battle)

        In battle you need at front 2 tankswith high Hp. In the back row set yourself and your healers Djinni orCelestial Maiden according to your angels hallo. Enemy will attackyour tanks and at that time you can attack and your healers can helpyou heal your party.

        Thats how I´m preparing before fightin Zodiac. Hope it will help someone. (Berserker player maybe)

        My in game name is: Luxur
        and I´m playing on server: S1 Loralei

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